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  1. Aditya_6

    1D Section Properties?

    where do we get Beam188 element in hypermesh
  2. Aditya_6

    1D beam element association

    @tinh I have created beam crossection, now i have to assign that crossection for the line (which is 1D element), how to do this
  3. Aditya_6

    1D beam element association

    @tinh am looking for beam 188 element
  4. Aditya_6

    1D beam element association

    Thanks sanjay, But how to create ETTYPE
  5. Hello, user profiles: ANSYS i need to apply beam 188 element for created 1D beam elements and i have already created crossection in hyperbeam, how do i assign that to 1D element. Very urgent Thanks in advance