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  1. Ok, I will need then to name the interfaces with a different name to set the CAE simulation properly (for example Square_Cyl_Interface belonging to the Square and Cylinder_Square_IF belonging to the Cylinder). How can I do it? Please send me a link to a tutorial when they explain how to do it. Thanks again a lot. E.
  2. Thanks. I don't understand. I have another model now. If I had already spliited the face in the CAD model, do I have to split them again in Hypermesh? It's strange because I tried to put the 2D mesh in a component, but the created elements don't change colours ...
  3. Hello Q.Nguyen-Dai, are your actions successive to making a boolean in which all the solids have been merged? Please let me know, Regards, E.
  4. Ok, thanks, very much. Can you maybe please show me how to mesh this CAD and have three separate bodies at the end? In fact, these bodies are made from different materials. (I guess I have to create three different components, please let me know if I'm right ...) Possibly I'd like to refine the mesh in the plates in the area surrounding the cylinder. I would go for mesh extrusion. I do apologize again for this question, which is surely too basic. Best regards, E. Square_Cyinder2.STEP
  5. At this point I meshed the cylinder (see snapshot), how can I go on? Do I have to merge and split the solid or can I continue from this point? Thanks, E.
  6. It's not very logical to unite and then split again. Are you sure that this is the only solution? I will try anyway. Thanks.
  7. Hi everyone, I just started using Hypermesh, so I apologize for the basic question, but I have been struggling for a few hours and I cannot find the solution. I have to mesh a very simple two body part. I attach a snapshot. It is a plate with a cylinder in touch with it. These are two separate bodies in the CAD I would like to mesh the cylinder first and then auto-mesh the face in contact, maintaining the same mesh in the contact region, so that if I see the mesh on the other side of the plate I can see the shape of the cylinder mesh too, surrounded by the other elements of the plate. How can I easily do it? I guess the solution is very simple, but I could not do it. I read other threads but no way. Maybe the problem is that the cylinder and the plate are already two separate bodies in the CAD? Please let me know. Thanks a lot. Best regards, E.
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