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  1. Hello Q.Nguyen-Da The below script is crashing hypermesh. set elem_size 0.25 set count 2 #create sets of lines-- each sets is for each solid map for {set a 1} {$a<$count+1} {incr a} { *createmarkpanel lines 1 "Select lines" set lines$a [hm_getmark lines 1] *clearmark lines 1 } for { set a 1} {$a < $count+1} {incr a} { *createmark elems 1 "by sets" "set$a" set source_elems [hm_getmark elems 1] set along_line lines$a *solidmap_begin 0 *solidmap_prepare_usrdataptr "SOURCE" 24 *createmark elements 1 $source_elems *solid_prepare_entitylst elements 0 *solidmap_prepare_usrdataptr "DEST" 0 *solidmap_prepare_usrdataptr "ALONG" 2 *createmark lines 1 $along_line *solid_prepare_entitylst lines 0 *solidmap_end 8322 $elem_size 0 0 } I was trying to loop the line drag for 3D modelling. The panel is displayed below. The varying inputs are elems to drag and along geom. Would you check the above script and give some suggestions. Thanks
  2. Hello all, is there a way to create sets contain lines, surfaces or points. My aim is the call those sets or lists in a tcl script. thanks in advance
  3. Thanks Adriano A. Koga and Q.Nguyen-Dai After some small changes this script saved my day. elem_pocket_sets.tcl
  4. hi all, Can anybody help me with this script? problem statement: I have lot of element pockets (or disconnected elements groups ) in hypermesh display window. The process i want to do: 1.select a random element from the window and find attached all elements (first element group). 2. create a set with above selected elements and mask them. Then the step 1. ( a loop till all the elements are added to sets) thanks in advance
  5. Hello I have 13 pages of modal simulation results. Is there any single click option to export all pages as gif files. Currently I am saving each page manually. Thanks
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