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  1. NilsJonnerby

    Beam Optimisation using Hyperstudy

    Nevermind my previous post. It is possible, I misinterpreted the format of the PCOMP. Thanks Nils
  2. NilsJonnerby

    Beam Optimisation using Hyperstudy

    Dear, Rahul I have tried that and it works well, even though it is a bit time consuming. But I would also like to have the thicknesses of some 3-layered PCOMP property cards varied. These may be imported through the .hm file option when choosing Model to work with. But with this option am I not able to import the properties of the HyperBeam sections. And the thicknesses in PCOMP may not be individually parameterized with the template editor tool. How would I be able to have them both parameterized through the editor tool? Best Regards Nils
  3. NilsJonnerby

    Beam Optimisation using Hyperstudy

    Hi, I have a similar problem. I would like to use the parameters used in HyperBeam for the definition of a cross section as Design Variables in HyperStudy. Is it possible to use HyperBeams parameters as variables in HyperStudy? Regards Nils