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  1. Aerokid

    Retain User Comments In NASTRAN .bdf File

    I noticed that! I was wondering why this was. Other comments (if I comment a range of GRIDS) don't stay. I had a MAT1 card that I commented, and the comment stayed, but my comments above my GRIDS were deleted. Is there a way to "trick" HM to keep the comments on the GRIDS?
  2. Aerokid

    Retain User Comments In NASTRAN .bdf File

    Thanks for you replies guys, I'll look at those options! The files I am editing have large revision comments. I need to keep them when I import and export: i.e. " Date, Revision Number, comments about revision " " Date, Revision Number, comments about revision " etc. Thanks again for you replies, if you think of other options, let me know!
  3. Hey everyone, I have a .bdf file (the solver deck file required for NASTRAN). Hypermesh creates this file by the export process. My work requires that I edit the .bdf text, but also use the graphical features of Hypermesh. I would like to find a way of retaining user-added comments in the .bdf. Let me explain: 1. Create mesh 2. Export as .bdf 3. Comment the .bdf file appropriately -BUT- 4. When I re-import to HM and export, my comments are removed. Is there a way to keep them? Hypermesh will keep comments that are attached to material properties (for example, if I add a comment to a MAT1 card, they will stay with import/export) Thanks for any help!
  4. Hello everyone, I am new to Hypermesh and have a question regarding the ZOFFS option. Also, as an understanding check, can you verify that I understand the hierarchy correctly: Understanding Check: The hierarchy is as follows Component, Property, Material, System, etc. Properties must have a Material assigned (to supply to the component) Properties must have an Element Type assigned (to supply to the component) Correct? Question: I cannot see the ZOFFs option in the Properties Card Edit. I have selected elements and assigned them their element types (CQUAD4 fo example). But when I go to add a ZOFF in the Property Card Edit window, the option does not show. From what I have read online, it seems it should show on the property Card Edit. It does however show if go to Element Card Edit, select elements, click "edit". Other info: I am using PSHELLS, assigned to the Property. I am in the Nastran profile. I want to make sure that I am setting everything up correctly. Thank you for your help!