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  1. Hi , I am applying displacement to the Rigid body and I want to know the force extracted at the rigid body. How to read the Rigid body (RBE2) forces in result ?
  2. Ya i did not include the EPS max. Please find the attached RADIOSS file. jhonson_1_0000.rad
  3. HI all, I am looking for a failure model for simple tensile test. Please clarify few things which mentioned below. a = yield strength b= UTS c= hardening exponent EPS max is strain at Breaking point at the Stress-strain curve SIG Max is the breaking strength Is that correct ? So my elements will start delete after the breaking point right ?
  4. hi all, I have tried FAIL/JHONSON HOOK but i did not able capture the necking behavior !! after the starting of element deletion. it is behaving like brittle failure !! my load is 500mm/s
  5. Hi, Please let me know below mentioned energy relations are correct or not. External work = Internal energy+kinetic energy+contact energy+hourglass energy Total energy = Internal energy + kinetic energy
  6. Hi, i could not able find out the Iedge definition for Type24 contact in 2017.2 version. Could you please help with this ?
  7. Hi , In type 24 contact i can select all the components directly instead of creating & selecting the contact surfaces ?
  8. Hi Unfortunately we cant able to share the model. Please find the below details of the material. Is there any RADOIOSS material model to exactly capture the high viscosity with superior impact resistance property ?
  9. Hello All. I hope that for No gap components it is better to use the Type 24. So is there any recommended properties for type 24 other than the friction value ?
  10. Hi, In general for single surface while selecting components it will show only the slave components selection option. but in type 24 both master and slave selection are present. Please let me know how to choose components for single surface ?
  11. Hi , Thanks for your suggestion. I think Type 24 is the surface to surface contact(As Ls dyna). How to use it as single surface contact in RADIOSS?
  12. Hi All, Could you please tell me which contact (type 7 or type 24) is better for very small and closely components with fine mesh(High impact quasi static analysis) without using GapMin, since if i use Gapmin again i need to de-penetrate due to this the original geometry will also change. Thanks, Senthilkumar
  13. Hi, Please find the below formulation and it is single curve strain rate
  14. Hi , Its a high velocity dynamic analysis. When i used LAW36 the component is deforming severely and element spike was happening. The same model was worked properly in Dyna with MATL24 card.
  15. Hi All, In RADIOSS which material card is best to apply For a super tough, high viscosity acetal homopolymer grade with superior impact resistance - Derlin material ? I have tried with MATL36(Full solid brick elements) and it is not working properly Thanks, Senthilkumar
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