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  1. I got the Answer from the support. The Dimensions weren't right. I build die model in NX11.0 and importet it in HyperMesh. So die Unti was "mm". After i scaled the model. I got the right results.
  2. Hello everybody, i have the following problem. I generated the CFD - Mesh (quater of a pipe) in HyperMesh (as you se below) and exported it to AcuSolve ( file type: .inp and .asm). In AcuSolve i set the following parameters / Boundary Conditions: Inflow: Average Velocity: 0,2 m/s Outflow: Pressure: 0 Wall: Wall Condtion, with standrad Wall function Sym_xy: Boundary Conditon Symmetry Sym_xz: Boundary Conditon Symmetry CFD_tetcore001: Material = Water Problem Discription: Auto Solution Strategy: When i start the simulation, the results have nothing to do with reality. There should be a preesure drop from inlet to outlet around 15-16 Pa. But this are the results: But the thing i don't understand is, if i build the model completly in AcuSolve, i get the right result by 5 percent deviation. When i start the simulton in Hypemesh a always got this warning: "WARNING: Multiple command issius" Or i got the wron results. Please, could you help me Thanks
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