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  1. I am also working on a script where I need this functionality. I found a script that can be used as a starting point: https://connect.altair.com/CP/kb-view.html?kb=40826 The first procedure is the one that creates the GUI with the selection panel. You can change the selection type from Nodes to Elements by modifying lines 39 and 40.
  2. Tinh, that mesh only has transitions in two directions. You can't use the same technique on Brandon's model. Brandon, it is (geometrically) possible to transition in all three directions with hexahedral elements only. But you will need to use a butterfly at the corners so that the transition kind of wraps around the corners. I don't know how to do this in HyperMesh, though.
  3. When switching to a multi-window page layout the window sizes are all equal. Is it possible to resize the windows so that one takes up more of the screen than the other? Or will a 2-page layout always be split 50:50?
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