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  1. sir, i am attaching the ieee paper and the model i designed . Actually what we have do is , in construct tab you will have "di water1,2,3,4" they are meant to be changed that is you have do it for four cases 0000-all diwater that is the inner green color should be deleted 1111-all di water should present 0110 1001 I want gain to be 6db and best reflection coffecient and vswr projectfinal.cfx projectfinal0000perfect.cfx projectfinal0110perfect.cfx projectfinal1001perfect.cfx projectfinal1111perfect.cfx Microfluidically_Frequency-Reconfigurable_Antenna_3.pdf
  2. Sir , I was feko software to simulate this project Actually I designed everything according to ieee paper but i wasn't getting results Could you pls provide me your contact number so that I can clearly explain you because our project deadline was 22 march
  3. Plz provide your E mail id sir so that I can forward the details
  4. We have to find out reflection coefficient,gain, vswr
  5. Microfluidically_Frequency-Reconfigurable_Antenna.pdf
  6. Microfluidically_Frequency-Reconfigurable_Antenna.pdf
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