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  1. Hello, I am using a template of the Formula SAE cars. And I am performing some analysis on the suspension. And I am having problems with the model. I am performing a kinematic analysis of the rear suspension. And when I change the outer toelink hardpoint (mainly the y coordinate) the static toe angle is also changing. And with the static wheel aligment toe set to zero the toe angle with no wheel displacement is not zero. I am not having the same issue in the front suspension template. Only on the rear. The image is just to show what hardpoint I am talking about.
  2. I am currently using motion view to build a model to be used on hyperstudy. I am using the templetes provided by altair for FSAE cars and my goal is to do a optimization on the suspension hardpoints. And I am trying to build some constraits that would avoid the software to test designs that are not feasible. So I am trying to use the IF function on the General tap of the Expression builder to set the coordinates of one of the suspension points, as shown on the picture below. So the goal is for example to avoid the tierod link to pass though one of the a-arms tubes. So what I wanted is to evaluate the value of the x coordinate as a function of one condition. But the result is always a error evaluating. So my question is if the output of this function is usable for parametric expression, or this can only be used on solver expressions? If it can be used on parametric expressions can you give me a example on how to use it. If not do you guys know other alternative that I can try to use to solve my problem. Thanks.
  3. I am not beeing able to trim by timestep, because the graph I am plotting is not a function of time. I am plotting for example a graph of wheel center displacement Z x shock displacement Z. When I select the trim option on the modify curve tab, it doesnt show me a option to trim by time, only by X and Y coordinates.
  4. Hello, i am currently using Motion View to simulate a suspension geometry and I performed a Kinematics and compliance Analysis. But the standard analysis reports are not enough for my analysis. For example I want to plot the displacement of the spring or shock vs wheel center displacement, but when I do so the entire date of the analysis is plotted and I get these values on this yellow area. What I want to know is how to select certain part of the analysis to plot. For example only the part where the ride analysis is performed or the steering analysis is performed. Because the standard reports, only plot a certain range of data generated from the ptl file. I am using the templates provided by Altair of Formula SAE suspension to build the models and perform the analysis. I also want to know if there is a list that relate the requests and components that are generated from the user defined outputs, because I would like to know if the Roll center height is one of this variables. So I don´t have to create it.
  5. Hello, I am having problems when I try to run any analysis on a front suspension model. I used the FSAE Templates to build the front suspension and also used a standard analysis template. And I keep getting this message when a try to run any kind of analysis. "INFO" "17:08:05" "*** Begin sending off data" "INFO" "17:08:05" " Sending off 1 API version string [HWVERSION_2017.2.0.16_Jul 25 2017_18:12:43]" "INFO" "17:08:05" " Reading API version string [2017.2]..." "INFO" "17:08:05" " Writing model to [C:\Users\formulaCefast\Altair\ES_10\Dianteira\E1SPSuspDianteira.xml]..." "INFO" "17:08:05" "*** End sending off data" Thank you, Pedro Dias.
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