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  1. Hi Rahul, I have a variable (var_21) linked to multiple variables (B, C, D). Variables B,C & D are independent and Optimizer will vary them. But I need to give a constraint to variable var_21. I tried adding Constraints in the "Define Input Variables" section, But HS is throwing an error saying "581 Error : Failed evaluating ( var_21 ) which is the ( Left Expression ) of the constraint ( con_1 ) the error was: ( Use of linked variable ( var_21 ) is invalid in a constraint expression. )" Can you suggest me some ways to do this? Thanks in Advance Sri
  2. Hi Rahul, I have been using Global Response Search Method. I am not able to find any *.hstx file. Is it some other file should I look for?
  3. Hi, I have been using the HyperStudy optimization for some time and it looks to me that many of my optimization problems goes on forever and not giving me a solution though its a very simple model with single objective and some constraints. I looked at the evaluation data and found that Hyperstudy uses several decimal digits when it passes the design variable for the next iteration. I just want Hyperstudy to limit it to 1 or 2 decimals. Is there a way where I can specify the accuracy of decimal digits during optimization|? Thanks in advance
  4. Hi Rahul, Sorry that I ddint give a clear info. 1) What I mean by "Hyperworks works fine by manual clicking" is, In the nominal run, I am able to generate the deck files when I just select "write input files" and click Evaluate tasks. It is able to run the Nastran simulation when I unselect all the other check boxes and select only the "Execute Analysis" and click "Evaluate Tasks" and so is the case with "Extract output response" when I do it after the Nastran simulation is done. Thanks for the Tutorials for Non Hyperworks software. But I am not finding any tutorial for Nastran. Do you have any tutorial for integrating with Nastran solver?
  5. Hi Rahul, Thanks for your reply. Let me explain in detail about the problem. Yes, I am able to run Nastran solver from Hyperstudy and extract responses when I do it manually by clicking. But my main problem is, Hyperstudy immediately looks for the output file (In my case, I am using ASCII extract) as soon as it has triggered the simulation. I want Hyperstudy to wait until the Nastran run is complete and then look for extracting the response. I have gone through your example for the optistruct solver. I am basically looking for a similar example for Nastran solver. Thanks in advance
  6. Hi All, I have been using Nastran as my solver for Hyperstudy and it works well till the execution of my simulation. But HyperStudy has to wait for some time till the simulation is complete before it starts extracting the responses. I know that I need to write some script which checks whether there are no errors in the simulation and then extract the data. Has anyone come across this and can you let me know how we can script this?
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