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  1. Hi, use markpanel instead. *createmarkpanel elems 1 "Please select the elements" 1
  2. @Alex.01, You can find similar thread here. https://forum.altair.com/topic/24462-solid-face-selection-panel/ I could not create the panel for 3d faces, but for shell you have direct option.
  3. vipin

    Catching An Error

    Hi, You don't need to write *plotnodelist again inside the else condition. Else will be executed when the initial code is successful.
  4. You can find a similar thread here.
  5. Hello all, Anyone know the APIs to get screen normal and parallel? Since these options are available in direction panel there could be some APIs to find out this.
  6. Hi, You can use datanames. hm_gevalue elems id=1122 dataname=jacobian
  7. @Bachelor22, use hm_getelemcheckbounds
  8. 1. Sure, you can loop through the distance and sort to find out shortest 2 distances. And use only the surfaces in that component while creating nodes, so that there will be only 2 nodes. 2. Why dont you retrieve the thickness from midsurface? 3. It will be same like looping through each line length and find out shortest distance.
  9. 1. Find node coordinates and use same option you were using. Hm_measureshortestdistance 2. Since you will be getting 2 new nodes. Use hm_latestentityid nodes 0 and hm_latestentiyid nodes 1 for node 1&2 3. This is an interesting option @qqtomcat 4. Use hm_entityrecorder or *createmarklast
  10. Hi, If you have surface normal vector and centroid, try intersect option in F8 panel. Then find nearest surfaces for newly created nodes.
  11. vipin

    Get nodes at on free 1Ds

    *createmark elems 1 "displayed" *createmark nodes 2 *elementtestfree1d nodes 1 2
  12. @liangycc Please check whether you are using mesh to surface comp/mesh to current comp.
  13. Create a new component and move old mesh
  14. Hi, You have to change default meshing behaviour to "keep mesh". You can change it in preferences>Meshing options. I think by default it keeps Advanced remesh which is causing this problem.