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  1. Hi @Pandurang Try this if you already have solid elements created. I am not sure about the parameters though, you can change it as per your model. *createmark elems 1 displayed *findholesinit elems 1 3 30 0 0 *findholessolid 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 *findholesend
  2. Hi Can you try with the intersect option in F8 panel? Select line and all surfaces from bolt component. You will get 2 nodes at both ends. Then measure distance between these nodes.
  3. vipin

    Setting a Default Value

    Hi @Bachelor22 add default value after the string set youngs_modulus [hm_getfloat "Youngs Modulus (Steel)=" "Enter Youngs Modulus:" 210000]
  4. Hi @Sagar Motwani, use hm_commandfilestate 0
  5. vipin

    Get Name of component

    Hi, hm_getcollectorname comps 101 how do you want to split?
  6. Hi Sathish, you can find a proc for vector normals from 3 nodes in following thread: https://forum.altair.com/topic/21893-how-to-create-a-normal-for-3-nodes/ use the proc to find vector normals: set vecNormals [NormalFrmPlane $N1 $N2 $N3] set baseCords [lindex [hm_nodevalue $baseNode] 0] substitute these values in *createmark command :) *createmark nodes 1 "on plane" {*}$baseCords {*}$vecNormals 0.1 0 0
  7. Hi sathish, you can use 'on plane' option in *createmark. for example if you have base coordinates and vector normals, *createmark nodes 1 "on plane" $baseX $baseY $baseZ $normalX $normalY $normalZ 0.1 0 0 hm_getmark nodes 1
  8. @Roy Duan, it is written here. So you can find more info in hm_entityinfo.
  9. for getting latest node id hm_latestentityid nodes
  10. vipin

    Automated mass calc

    Hi @paul_a, You can try a macro like this to save property information to csv file. set fpt [open [tk_getSaveFile -defaultextension .csv] w] puts $fpt "property name,mass" set allProps [hm_entitylist props name] foreach pName $allProps { *createmark elems 1 "by property name" $pName set temp [hm_getmass elems 1] set mass [lindex $temp 0] puts $fpt "$pName,$mass" } close $fpt
  11. Can you try with the features(command is *features_advanced) option in tools menu? It will provide you with plot elements along the features based on break angle. Then you can try some logics with the plot elements.
  12. Hi Alex, Find shared nodes using hm_getnodessharedbyothercomps in mark 1, find edges and get all edge nodes in mark 2. Then get markintersection?!
  13. @tinh Tested all methods, last one runs faster on bigger assemblies (saves around 5 sec ). Thanks again all!
  14. Nice trick @tinh, @akitoguc Works for me!