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  1. Hi @Jeffersondhv, It is because you have already defined cmd_btn with the value 'Nothing'. The value of textVar is actually changing. Replace the line like this, it should be working. button $lbl_ref.import_ref -text $textVar -command {tk_messageBox -message $textVar -type ok} -bg #60C060
  2. Hi @rrishav, Use "by comp name" instead.
  3. Usually it works. Try deleting hmsettings,hmmenu files in your working directory(by default my documents) and restart hm.
  4. Hi Try simple loops like this. for {set i 1} {$i<6} {incr i} { for {set j [expr $i+1]} {$j<6} {incr j} { *createmark solids 1 $i *createmark solids 2 $j *boolean_merge_solids 1 2 14 2 } }
  5. Hi Goto 2d >> detach elements(check detachall). Now create surface from FE.
  6. Yes Hypermesh does that for you. In case you need, try with hm_entitymaxid.
  7. Hi, use markpanel instead. *createmarkpanel elems 1 "Please select the elements" 1
  8. @Alex.01, You can find similar thread here. https://forum.altair.com/topic/24462-solid-face-selection-panel/ I could not create the panel for 3d faces, but for shell you have direct option.
  9. Hi, You don't need to write *plotnodelist again inside the else condition. Else will be executed when the initial code is successful.
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