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  1. Hi, You can save your setting as a report template File->save as->report template
  2. Hi @etrud011, you can record the command using F10 panel and use it accordingly, for example *createmark elements 1 "displayed" *createmark elements 2 *elementtestjacobian elements 1 0.7 2 2 0 " 2D Jacobian " *deletemark elems 2
  3. vipin

    Elements in proximity of nodes

    Hi @NFMOREIRA ::hwat::utils::GetClosestElement x y z assemname May be this is the command you are looking for, x y z are the coordinates of corresponding node.
  4. @pohan add this line so that by default it will take script directory. set dir [file dir [info script]]
  5. @Q.Nguyen-Dai yes it works for .tcl file, but i am not sure in what format he has written. if it is .mac file we have to write it inside brackets ().
  6. Hi @Ayush01 are you directly writing this code inside userpage file? if so change the line to *jpegfilenamed(Capture.jpg)
  7. Great! I too searched something similar @tinh
  8. Hi @Toan Nguyen it is working for me. is it because of the hypermesh version? I am using 2017 version.
  9. Hi @Toan Nguyen this could work for you. set sysId 1 hm_getcrossreferencedentities systems $sysId 7 1 0 0 -byid hm_getmark nodes 1
  10. vipin

    Error Running in Batch Mode

    Hi Alec, In that case you can try opening hm like this. So automatically it will change profile. <altair_home>/hm/bin/win64/hmopengl.exe -uOptiStruct -tcl /home/user/my_script.tcl
  11. @tinh @0815 thanks for the replies In my case i need the user to select a particular region using that option. As of now i found a solution by creating faces and calling *createmarkpanel elems 1 "Please select the elements" 1, then delete faces which is giving same output.
  12. Hi @tinh, It is opening the panel, but how do i get the output elements from this? or how do i set the selected elements to a particular group?
  13. @tinh, it will open when we click on slave entity ids in the left panel. I am using hm 2017 version.
  14. Hello all, Anyone knows how to open the panel shown below using tcl commands?
  15. vipin

    How to use query commands

    Hi @alexdonner Sorry for late reply, yes you are right about the output mark. It should be working if surfs ids present in the mark. Can you share the code?