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  1. Sir, We need to extrude two materials simultaneously. Two billets of different materials one on the inner side and one on the outer side are to be extruded. We require to know the final thickness of the two materials for a given billet thickness at different temperatures. This require the profile of the two materials have to be generated by the solver itself. How to proceed? Till now we are doing extrusion simulation of different materials in which we mesh the billet, die & profile dimensions and give the boundary conditions. But if we want to calculate the profile contour as in the above case, how it is possible.
  2. Dear sir, Can we simulate Co-extrusion of two different alloys. We require the thickness of each material in the final product. Kindly help me out the procedure for the same. Thank you
  3. Dear sir, We are commercial users of Hyperxtrude software 11.0. We use the software for simulating the extrusion process and optimization of parameters. Now, We need to simulate hot compression testing of samples. Is it possible to simulate the compression testing using hyperxtrude where the profile of the sample changes continuously with time. I need to generate the sample profile with time, first in extrusion, then in compression testing. Kindly help me.
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