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  1. Thanks for your comment. The thing is that I am running the Student edition software, and I only have Acusolve. I downloaded VWT from Altair connect but a new licence is required. Do you know if Student edition licence is supported for VWT ? We have in our University computers the VWT running, because we bought (The institution) the HyperWorks licence, but now in times of C19, we dont have access to these computers. Any comment I would appreciate.
  2. How can be used Acusolve for a good wind tunnel analysis, without using VWT software ?
  3. What is it new in this version, compared with the one included in Hyperworks 2017 ?
  4. I have this version: Do you know if we have available same info in this versión ? I could´nt find it. Thanks
  5. Is it any support documentation where I can find the equations supported the 12 models used for fluid problems ? I would like to understand the difference between them and what are the parameters involved.
  6. What are the main differences (from the parameter equations point of view) between laminar and other models available (spalart-allmaras, SST,etc). On an internal flow analysis, Pipe roughness is not a parameter for laminar turbulence flow ?
  7. How can I set up the roughness for a pipe internal flow simulation ?
  8. How Can I set different wall roughness for a pipe flow analysis ??
  9. I tried to immport a solid (CATIA file) from inventor but I got this message form acuconsole: Any clue about what is happening ? Thanks
  10. I tried to import a file (parasolid file *.x_t created in Inventor) but acusolve did not read it. That was the message I got from acuconsole: "python.exe stopped working" Anyone can give me a clue how to solve this ? Thanks
  11. With Student licence, Virtual wind tunel is available to use ?
  12. Once you have your e-mail validated, how long it takes to get the final e-mail to install the program ?
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