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  1. Hello, I am performing topology optimization on a component with thermal and pressure distribution. after that optimization is done, I can see the element densities on Hyperview for each iteration. I was wondering if there is a way to monitor sensitivity of each element for each iteration as well?! Thanks, Pouyan
  2. Hi Prakash, Thank you for your help. Best, Pouyan
  3. I attached the simple model I am talking about. Can you tell me where is the problem? Thanks Thermal Distribution Problem.hm
  4. I tried that, but it does not work as well. It does not show Thermal distribution within the component. it is just stress analysis.
  5. Dear Prakash, Thank you for your response. But, I can't find THEMP_LOAD under "subcase option". (I am using HyperMesh v14.0) Thanks, Pouyan
  6. Hello Friends, I want to perform a basic thermal analysis in Hyperworks: Assume we have a cube with fixed temperature on two side of it, run analysis and get temperature distribution within the cube. The question is How can I add Temperature as load? I am aware that I can use heat convection or heat flux, but I want to use temperature as load. Best, Pouyan
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