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  1. this is for a 2D surface only structure, i knew how to add pressure to a surface in 3D case. but for 2D case, the pressure can be only applied to the edge line..... can you help me again?
  2. i have a 2D airfoil, but i want to add pressure to the edge of the airfoil, do you have any idea how to add pressure normal to the curved edges? https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:NACA_4318.svg thanks
  3. can somebody share some demo example with me for optimization analysis of composite wing?i found this picture online, it must has some example input file for beginners. just want to learn.
  4. Can you help me to check the model to make it runs with no error? just want to use this as a learning template? using SF=1 will be ok. thank you very much for the help.
  5. Dear All: I am trying to use HM translator from a platform in LS-DYNA input deck to optistruct. while i am trying to simulate it, it has error as "all entries have zero scale". the second questions is the load steps, how could i apply all the spc boundary and load at once? can somebody help me for this model ? KiteTrial.hm
  6. for such connection, for example, i have 10 nodes coupled in one rigid element REB2, and the total force added to the REB2 is 1N, does that mean that 1N is the total loads? or the total loads=1*10nodes=10N? thanks
  7. I am using LS-DYNA for the solver i set up tied contact surface between different shell layers, but it seems not working well the punch is moving downwards, while there is one pressurized pipe with two different outlier shell as reinforcement, can somebody check it for me? thanks OnlyAirTubeWithDR_k.3c252e99ef2e0b52c7605cd7403c93cf
  8. can I am trying to learning optistuct for shell element, and i found such model in the training section, does anybody has the source data? or the original model? just want to learn. thanks
  9. this script does not work for my model it says, the properties are not valid Nastran PBEAML T-beams i tried both nastran and optistruct i am using HW2017
  10. any expert can help me? thanks
  11. Ivan: I conducted a simple topology optimization analysis, and in the final iteration, there is element density distribution results. then how could i export such element density results out for the other FEA analysis? please see my fem file. Hexagonal86WithSetsTopot.fem
  12. Hi, Ivan: thank you very much for the help. sure, i will give a trial for size optimization and find the best diameter of the tube i may need more help on this optimization side, i will keep you posted.
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