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  1. Hi, can anyone tell me if it´s possible to use a non monotonously rising curve for the material definition in a nonlinear static and implicit analysis with Radioss? The modell is built with solid elements (brick8) and m36 material definition. I know with Optistruct it is not possible to use a falling curve. A picture of the curve is in the attachement. Thanks a lot and greetings, Luca
  2. Hi guys, i´ve made a nonlinear quasi static analysis with optistruct of a dogbone tensile test. Is there a possibility to make a stress-strain curve with hyperview? Until now i´ve just found forum entries where this was made with radioss as solver. Thanks a lot, Luca
  3. Hello to everyone, i want to ask, if there is a possibility to create accurcy criterias or plots of the accuracy of the mesh like in the attached document. Or how can i check if the mesh pass the named criterias from the document? Thanks and greetings, Beginner Nodal_elemental_stress_discretization.PDF
  4. Thanks for the hint, i will try it.
  5. Thanks for your help. Now it works fine. In which unit are the gridpoint element forces? Are they consistant to the units i used in my inputdeck? I applied a force of 2330N on a rbe2 in the middle between two nodes, so the reaction force on the nodes should be around 1165N at each node. But there is only around 55 on each node in Hyperview. In the pch-file are the right results.
  6. Hello to everybody, i want to ask, if it´s possible to get the results from the grid point forces in a local coordinate system? I defined a CORD3R and added the ID of the systeme to field 7 of the grid point with the needed forces. But in HyperView all grid point forces were in the global directions. What did i wrong? Thanks and grettings.
  7. Hello to everyone, i have a problem with an nonlinear analysis. I don´t know if i made some mistakes in the settings or something else. The analysis runs for hours and doesn´t make much or no progress. All other simulations run much faster, few seconds or minutes (other modells were a little bit smaller but not that much). Can anyone tell me if set nlparm or something like that in the wrong way? Thanks a lot. nonlinear_beam.fem
  8. I had to cut it a little bit, because of confidential data. I had a look at the elements, they should all be first order. cut.out
  9. I am using the 2017.2.4 version. But if i just add PARAM,LGDISP,1 these errors occur. Should i change NLPARM?
  10. Sorry, but have to reopen this post. Iḿ doing a non linear quasi static analysis with mats1 materials and everything is without errors. I used nlstat for small displacement, but i am not shure if i should use LGDISP. So i want to test it. Is it enough to add PARAM,LGDISP,1 or do i need something else? Or should i also add NLPARMX also? The optistruct reference guide is not that clear in this case and it is recommended to use NLGEOM (Radioss??).
  11. So i should delete my objective in the optimization? In this case the optimization don´t start and the error "no objective defined" occur. Maybe i don´t get you right.
  12. Thanks for your help. I thought for a nonlinear analysis and optimization MATS1 is necessary. Otherwise there is no difference between linear and nonlinear? Is it even possible to reduce the max stress with an optimization in a quasi static nonlinear subcase and the optistruct solver?
  13. As i already told, it´s only an example for me. Later there will be another component on the bottom with a contact between these two parts. Braket3_nonlinear.fem
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