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  1. Recently, I tried this combination: - Lead core: M1 Elastic Rho: 1.127e-8 E: 17e3 v: 0.4 - copper jacket: M2 Plas Johns Zeril Rho: 8.96e-9 E: 115e3 v: 0.31 a: 90 b: 292 n: 0.31 c: 0.025 epso: 1 m: 1 tmelt: 1250 thocp: 380 ti:293 It was look like better and I received decrease velocity of bullet, but I'm not sure if the results are correct because to build lead I used simple linear material model.
  2. Yes, I used LAW 4, but I should think that Johnson Cook isn't perfect choice to build lead core in projectile, because available of constans in articles isn't reliable enought.
  3. Hi, I appreciate your help, my problem solved when I changed material and failure properties, but i'm still looking for accurate material model and properties for bullet. I chaned also bullet from solid to SPH definition. Do you recommend any material models in Hypermesh/Radioss to build lead and copper bullet model (LAW "number")??? Maybe Should I use any bilinear model?
  4. Hi Johnson, I added symmetry contact on solid surfaces and now contact works better, but still projectile velocity doesn't decrease.
  5. Hi Johnson, I removed failure parameters, but elements deformed too much and I had error - zero or negative volume. What do you mean about make the bullet rigid? Do you want to change MAT model from Johnson Cook to Rigid for projectile?
  6. Hello Sir, I'm working on bullet penetration into steel plate. At first contact works beetwen bullet and plate, but next it doens't work so good (picture 1). Finally, contact again work (picture 2) and I don't know where is a problem. On top of that, the speed of the projectile doesn't decrease (picture 3). Contact settings: Type 7 Istf: 4 Igap: 2 Fric: 0.2 Gapmin: 0.1 Inacti: 6 I tried a lot of contact setting, among others: Type 7 Istf: 4 Igap: 2 Idel: 2 Fpenmax: 0,8 Stmin: 1000 Fric: 0,1 Gapmin: 0,04 Inacti: 6 Iform: 2 but still doesn't work. Thanks for helping me. test21.hm
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