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  1. This is what i could see on pg 386 and a few videos to follow up of a bracket.
  2. sorry but i couldn't locate it, could you please elaborate. Thanks
  3. Kindly check your Dropbox for the images.
  4. Hello, I am trying to run a Linear Static Analysis of a huge assembly. I have 4 ISO Corners at the bottom. I have 2d meshed it (Simplified Geometry : Quad4 Elements only). When i fix the bottom face only of all the four ISO corners and run my simulation i get unsatisfactory results. By unsatisfactory i mean significantly high stresses and displacements. But when i create a RBE2 on each of the 4 individual ISO Corners (i.e 4 RBE2's) and apply constraint/SPC (All 6-DOFs FIXED) to those 4 RBE2s master node, i get satisfactory results. Could anyone explain why this contrasting results or mismatch?
  5. Hello Experts, I am trying to perform a complex eignevalue/ brake squeal problem on Optistruct 11. The error that i am getting is as follows:- *** ERROR # 1461 *** Card "STATSUB(PRELOAD)" is not allowed for this subcase type. I have used Generic as a solver instead of Modal Complex Eigenvalue as it doesn't support Statsub. Can anyone please explain how to resolve this issue. I have been following quite a few tutorials and have followed exactly the steps mentioned but cant get around this error. Thanks
  6. Hello, Can anyone please let me know how to get/ request rms stress in HM 11, Optistruct Solver? Thank you.
  7. Can you please share with me your secure dropbox locations?
  8. What exactly do you want me to share? HM File, H3d, .fem???
  9. Hello Good Evening. I haven't rerun. It is my final run file. What is happening is if I open hyperview from within the hypermesh GUI (graphic user interface) then i get correct results. But if i open hyperview and load .h3d (Both Load Model & Load Results) file or .fem & .h3d (load model & load results) file of my final run case, i get significantly different results. Why is this happening, doesn't make any sense though.... Kindly help me in resolving this issue.
  10. Hello, The situation is as follows:- I solve a model. CASE 1: Load Model: .h3d file Load Results: .h3d file I find everything OK. the results are good. Same Model (Solved File) CASE 2: Load Model: .fem file Load Results: .h3d file Results very different from the initial results.(Magnitude of results are very very less). Now i am doing this because i have created a few sets in my model which .h3d file won't read. Then i checked my fem file and it has details of all my element sets created. So i run .fem file along with .h3d file. I get all my sets as created in hypermesh but results would significantly differ. Can anyone help me in resolving this issue. Thank you.
  11. I have created a few sets, Non- Ordered by selecting elements. But they are not visible after I run my simulation and post-process it in Hyper view. Hypermesh/Optistruct is fine and I can see my sets, but in hyperview they aren't visible it just reads, Sets(0). Could you please help me in resolving this issue.
  12. Hello, How can i see results for a particular component in a big assembly? I know i can just Turn off all the components/elements and show only that particular component to see its results, but i have quite a few iterations and quite a lot of components to carry out this operation. So every time doing this is a painstaking process. So instead i would like to create a few groups before running the analysis like we have elements assigned in Assembly Hierarchy. So while Post-Processing i can directly Turn ON/OFF a particular group to check results. Then saving as the file will also retain the groups for further study and post-processing for other iterations.
  13. Hello, Good Afternoon. I have a model to which I need to apply a base excitation. I am basically trying to simulate a forced vibration case wherein I have 2 load cases, which are as follows:- · LC1: 5 – 10 Hz : ±8 mm (Constant displacement) · LC2: 10–500 Hz : ±18 m/sec2 (Const. Acceleration) I am doing it with the FREQUENCY RESPONSE (MODAL) LOAD STEP. I have used all the standard cards that are required for such an analysis like SPCD, RLOAD, DLOAD, FREQ, TABLED1 etc. Let's say I am exciting my model in the X direction, I have checked DOF1(scaled to 1) and unchecked all other DOF's. But the results seem to directly vary with that scale factor which it should but aren't matching with my benchmark results.When i use TABRAND1 instead of TABLED1 i get satisfactory results but I am not sure if I am supposed to do so. I am yet to establish the correct methodology for this sort of forced vibration cases. Could you please help me out.
  14. Sir, Linear Buckling is an integral part of Hypermesh 11. And in the past as well I have solved cases with a higher level of complexity (Contact Complexity included). But it is this case that wouldn't solve. But if we see the .out file we can see it has mention of Buckling Modes. Could you please let me know your thoughts regarding the .out file that I have shared.
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