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  1. Hi, how do I convert tria shell elements to quad shell elements of an entire assembly (enclosed for volume creation) ? I want the shell to be quad and I would like to use split quads into trias for my tetra volume generation. But at the moment I have trias in my shell elements which is unfortunate and would like to convert it to quad without beginning from scratch again which is time consuming. thanks.
  2. Sritej Kalas

    Error 941 Topology Optimization

    Hello, Good Evening. I have attached the most recent .out files. Kindly go through these files and let me know where i am going wrong. One of the files is for the solid model and the other one is for the shell of the same model/component. I have also turned on ISOP for PSOLID but to my bad luck it didn't work out as well. Kindly help me in resolving the issue. Thank you. ice server non linear static solid opti.out ice_server_non_linear_static_shell_optimisation.out
  3. Sritej Kalas

    Error 941 Topology Optimization

    Hello, Kindly check the attached .out file. I have now increased the number of iterations to 50 and put the run. i am awaiting results, though my intuition says it might not converge as well. I have also tried creating shell elements for the same model and tried solving it but to my surprise it wouldn't even go this far as the attached file. it would always readjust its convergence criteria and solve but would fail eventually. Kindly let me know where am i going wrong. ice server non linear static solid opti_007.out
  4. Sritej Kalas

    Error 941 Topology Optimization

    Hello, Good Afternoon. Optistruct solver fetches me great result for a non linear quasi static analysis ( non linear solution converged). But when I run the same file with a coupled topology optimization I get error 941: non convergent non linear iterations for subclass 2. Feasible design <All constraints satisfied> Why is this happening and how do I resolve it?? thank you.