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  1. try using catch command for "session1: object with this name already exists." set hn [hwi ListAllHandles] foreach hn1 $hn { catch {$hn1 ReleaseHandle} }
  2. Regarding point 2, found below commands Can help to add it together? hwi GetSessionHandle mySessionName mySessionName GetClientManagerHandle pm Plot pm GetMacroHandle mh 1 mh GetExportCtrlHandle ex ex SetFilename myfile.dat ex SetFormat "XY Data" ex SetSource "Current page" ex Export
  3. Hi All, Can anyone help me with TCL script for Hyperview Post prcessing automation. Need to, 1. Export h3d animation 2. Export curves (.dat file) - XY data 3. PNG image Where can I look for help regarding it? Any help is appreciated, Thank You!
  4. Hello All, I have two components say A and B, some nodes on part A are intersecting part B. I am cheking it with hm_collisioncheck but I dont want to fix it with *collisionfix_temp, I want to move entire component A away from B with the amount equal to the interference. Is it possible to "read the penetration value (max depth) from collision check command" so that I can translate the entire component by that amount in my TCL scripts. OR Any other way to find this by co-ordinates of nodes? Thanks in advance!
  5. Hello Tinh, Thanks a lott for your help with inputtype. I am able to create different criteria and parameter files, as well as I know the commands to run batchmesh. My query is, suppose I have created three files with 5mm, 6mm, 10mm. When I run a tcl script, a pop-up should come up (3 buttons) asking user which mesh size to be used(5/6/10mm) as per the user input respective files will be called, and the pop up window will dismiss. I am taking help of 'Dialog' code from hwtk studio, but not helping perfectly. Can you help with for this code ? Thanks in advance! Pritish
  6. With Due respect, Thank you for telling me that there is enough on internet. It will be very helpful if you guide me regarding my question context. If you know, maybe providing a sample code or reference file.
  7. Hello, Below is the code to take input from user and store to variable $input I want to run batchmesh script using this mesh size from user input. Thank You for any help in this regard set input [hwtk::inputdialog -text "Enter Average Mesh Size" -inputtype str \ -x [winfo rootx .] -y [winfo rooty .]] Also, Can we modify above code to ensure that user inputs only numbers and not text. Thank You ! Pritish
  8. Hello Guys, Hope you are all doing well ! Your tutoring has helped me a lot in my initial coding. Now, I am looking to load a tpl file, but before loading I want to take user input for one variable (say span) and use that variable value in formules mentioned in tpl script. For that I am thinking to have a window pop up before running tpl file, which will store user input value(span) in one variable ($input) and then using this $input in further tpl script. I was able to write this code for poping up window in hypermesh, but this is not working in hyperview when I call same tcl script. set input [hwtk::inputdialog -text "Enter Span Value" -inputtype str \ -x [winfo rootx $w] -y [winfo rooty $w]] tk_messageBox -title "hwtk::inputdialog" -message "Span: $input mm" 1. CAN you guys help me to pop up a window in Hyperview which will store data in a variable ? 2. How to integrate Tpl script in Tcl to achieve my objective ? or any other way to load the tpl file with Step 1 input in it ? Awaiting your replies !
  9. Building a automeshing macro for one component ( from midsurface extraction to meshing ). In which the component has to be meshed with different element size in these five regions.
  10. Hello All, I have one sweep Beam. I extracted the midsurface for it. Further I have splitted this extracted midsurface into 5 different parts. Now I need to organize these 5 parts into 5 different components automatically. I am new to TCL/TK, so can anyone help me to develop logic for the same ? Thanks in Advance !
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