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  1. Hello, thank your for the tip, unfortunately this delivers the same results after trying it out. I think the problem is, that rigids insert too much stiffness into the model. I've tried out different approaches and came to the conclusion, that using several rbe3 elements distributed symmetricaly at the connection points deliver the best results for my problem. This is not perfect, but good enough for my issue. The model is a bit stiffer than the solid model. The deviaton value for displacement is 2% and for the vM-stress only 0,03%. Maybe this can help someone who has the same problem. Nevertheless, thanks for your help!
  2. Hello Sir, the reason I have to use shell elements is because I have to size optimize the element thicknesses of this model (for a university project). Attached you can find the files (solid and hm shell model). Thanks in advance for your help! shell_model.hm solid.STEP
  3. Haha yes, totally agree. But unfortunately I must use shell elements ...
  4. Hello everyone, I'm struggling to properly connect offset surfaces. I've separated the solid into components of different thicknesses, extracted the midsurfaces and connected the elements with rigids (see attached picture). FE-Analysis shows different results compared to a solid model and stress jumps at the connection points. Can anyone suggest me a better idea, how to connect these surfaces? Thanks!
  5. Here's the screenshot, I hope it helps. It always crashes at this progress point of analysis ...
  6. Hey! My Optistruct Solver always crashes when I try to run analysis. Does anyone know what the reasons could be for that? Thanks, Alex
  7. Hey, I'm pretty new to size opimization in Hypermesh. Is there a way to do a size optimization with 3d tetra elements or is it only possible with 2d shell elements? Thanks for your help. Alex
  8. Hi Prakash! Thanks for the fast reply and help! I will come back to you If I'll have more detailed questions about this topic.
  9. Hi everyone! After a topology optimization of my model, I am now trying to reduce the stress in areas of high element stresses with the help of shape optimization. What possibilities do I have in HyperWorks, e.g. with HyperMorph? The aim is to create a more homogeneous stress distribution. Since I'm pretty new to HyperWorks and the optimization-topic, I would be happy about every tip I can get! Thanks, Alex
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