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  1. Hi prakash, i have changed type of analysis ans now i'm using a geom non linear analysis. In this way i have control on tstep thorug TSTEPNL. But i haven't resolved the problem of IC. Can you help me? thenk you.
  2. Hi Prakash, i agree with you, i have tested also with velocity as TIC, but i don't read this oscillation in my model both with velocity and displacements. have you modified something? Regarding Tstep, i have modified Dt on NLPARM but with this parameter i modify only initial time incrmement. i would have costant time increment. is it possible?? Furthermore i have modified also TTerm because my analysis has to last 0.5s. Thank you for fast answer.
  3. Hi Prakash i decided to open a new topin in order to explain betetr this problem. I hope I have not broken any forum rules, and i hope that you could answere me just the same. Thank you.
  4. Hi everyone, i tried to implement shock absorber in a shock analysis in optistruct. I use tutorial in order to set non linear tranisient analysis. I implement with table1d and pbusht the curve ForceVSdisplacement and applying a force i have checked if the the curves is right. Then i have to checked if my model with this non linear springs has a right answer to established input. In this case the model is loaded with an initial displacement and a gravity. Finally i hate to load model with a curves VelocityVSTime. Now i'm stopped at check problem. My doubt are: the initial dislacement is inserted with IC and TIC in model but in the result there isn't initial dipslacement. Why? The tstep is calculated by solver? Is possible have a fixed timestep? maybe more simple simulate this problem with a explicit solver as Radioss? Thank you for the answeres
  5. Hi, i used this example in order to set my non NL transient analysis. I have added an Initial condition through parameter IC, and TIC but this condition have not been read by my model. TIC have been setted with an initial displacement. With Dload i applied Grav for all time of analysis.
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