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  1. The problem was solved!! I just had to go to each surface and assciate the nodes around it with it But thanks anyway!
  2. Even when i mesh the blue and the green surfaces, after deleting the elemtns on them, i don't get a connectivity between both surfaces.. What could be the problem? It's like i'm meshing two different surfaces that are not attached at all... Although the line splitting both surfaces is green!
  3. Thank you! Now the mesh is not doubled, perfect. But the thing is, it is i didn't mesh the model the first time so i don't know what the setting was. So i still don't have the connectivity between the two surfaces.. Is there any other solution?
  4. Hello Everyone, i am having a problem with Hyperworks version 2017.2. I have an already meshed model.When i delete a mesh on one surface and then mesh that surface again, the new elements don't attach to the ones on the adjasent surface, although both surfaces are attached to each other. Does anyone know how to solve this probelm, without having to remesh the model? Also when remeshing a surface without deleting the mesh on it before, the new mesh just sits above the old one as if it were not there... So i get 2 meshes above each other. Can someone please help? Thank you!
  5. Hello all, For stress analysis, I want to show the stress value of some nodes, in order to make a screenshot for documentation. To do this I put a note on the selected node, and in the note i write {entity.contour_val}. Now the problem is, that i get the value of the selected node and all of the nodes surrounding it. But i only want the stress value of that particular node. Does anyone know what to do? Thank you in advance.
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