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  1. Hello everyone, I would like to know if someone has already defined class objects in hyperview in a TCL script. I saw in the install path (C:\Program Files\Altair\14.0\hw\tcl\hwie\init.tcl) that oriented objects are used from the hwie package ::hwie::oo:: and I wonder if we can use this package to add user-defined class. Tkanks in advance for your help Michael
  2. Thanks for your answer tinh Regards
  3. Hello everyone, I'm trying to display with a tcl in HyperMesh 14.0 (Abaqus-Standard3D User Profile), the review item of entity sets panel and then select automatically a set defined by user. The command : hm_pushpanelitem {entity sets} review works but after what it the command to select a defined group ? I have tried to use the command : hm_setinputentry "entity sets" [hm_getitemnumber {entity sets} "name ="] toto to select the group named toto but the name doesn't appear in the entry Can you help me about that? Thanks Michael
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