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  1. Hello everyone, I would like to know if someone has already defined class objects in hyperview in a TCL script. I saw in the install path (C:\Program Files\Altair\14.0\hw\tcl\hwie\init.tcl) that oriented objects are used from the hwie package ::hwie::oo:: and I wonder if we can use this package to add user-defined class. Tkanks in advance for your help Michael
  2. Michael29

    Review set with tcl

    Thanks for your answer tinh Regards
  3. Michael29

    Review set with tcl

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to display with a tcl in HyperMesh 14.0 (Abaqus-Standard3D User Profile), the review item of entity sets panel and then select automatically a set defined by user. The command : hm_pushpanelitem {entity sets} review works but after what it the command to select a defined group ? I have tried to use the command : hm_setinputentry "entity sets" [hm_getitemnumber {entity sets} "name ="] toto to select the group named toto but the name doesn't appear in the entry Can you help me about that? Thanks Michael