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  1. Hi! I am sorry for not writing complete details. I can not share my previous model as that work is in review process. In my previous example I carried out CMA of only top layer (a patch antenna without substrate and ground plane) in CST. After that I re-simulated it in FEKO (only top layer), and its results verified my CST simulations. After that I carried out CMA of the same structure with infinite ground plane and substrate in FEKO with probe feed, and its outcome was the same modes (that were found in CST only top layer) but only resonant frequencies were moved to the lower range. Now I am using that procedure to simulate this structure, I am getting accurate modes in CST, because the resonant frequencies and total antenna radiations and currents plotted in HFSS are in closed correspondence with the modes plotted in CST. Now I want to plot Modal weighting coefficients in FEKO but I am not getting accurate results. Can I use finite ground plane and substrate in the design and probe feed to get modal weighting coefficients of the structure?
  2. Hi! I am trying to simulate square patch antenna with infinite ground plane to calculate modes and modal weighting coefficients but I am not getting accurate results. Modes shown in CST are accurate and FEKO results must match CST and HFSS simulations as per my previous experience. Can anyone please check my design file and spot my mistake? Simulation file and CST results are in attached file. Thank you so much in advance
  3. I have also tried it with the ground plane of the same size as the TOP PEC layer, still not getting any results
  4. Hi! I am trying to find characteristic modes of a unit cell of LWA. I have also tried to simulate it in CST (I can see radiating modes of a structure in CST), but now I am trying it in FEKO with substrate and infinite ground plane to simulate complete structure. But after all efforts I am still not being able to plot modes in FEKO, it is not giving me correct modes and currents . Can you please check my design in attached file? Thank you so much
  5. Its related to my research work and I have to publish it. That is why I can not post it here. I am posting a picture showing top layer of the patch antenna and side view of the structure
  6. Hi! I am trying to simulate a structure which has an annular ring on the patch surface around the probe feed. This gap around the probe is introduced for matching purpose, I want to see the modal weighting coefficient for the design but issue is that inner probe with this capacitive gap is not coupling to the structure. I have simulated same structure in HFSS and it is giving me proper matching around the required frequency but FEKO can not utilize this gap and zero power from the source is coupled to the structure. I need suggestions
  7. Hi! I want to calculate modal admittance of individual modes, it can be calculated using formula provided in the attached file. How to get current values of each mode, I want to plot the graph provided in the second figure.
  8. Hi! can anyone please guide me how to re arrange the trace text, I want mode 1 to appear 1st and then 2nd-5th Regards
  9. I have tried combination, defined local mesh along with fine meshing. Actually it takes a lot of time for simulation due to large ground. I want to see the difference with infinite and actual large ground. I am getting different results in CST thats why I want to simulate complete design in FEKO so that I can be sure I am doing it right
  10. These are the modes with Infinite ground plane
  11. hi! I am simulating multilayered antenna structure, but I not getting accurate modes. I have simulated this antenna using Infinite Ground plane condition but now I want to resimulate it using actual ground plane, I have attached screenshot of the modes and design with a triangular top structure. Can anyone guide me through what mistake I have been doing . One moderator asked me to change meshing, I did that but its of no use because I am getting similar results Design actual - Copy.cfx
  12. Hi! I am using exact structure but upper layer of Perfect Electric Conductor is an irregular shape instead of triangle, when I simulate triangular structure simulations dont stop but when I replace it with actual structure it FEKO stops simulations Design actual - Copy.cfx
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