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  1. msromero

    Topology optimization

    Hi, thanks for your answer. This problem is solved. Now what it is happening is that the holes are not conected with material. It is optimizated with material between two holes, but the one on the top is like "flying". Do you have any idea what can it be happening?
  2. msromero

    Topology optimization

    Yes, I know it will be deformed. What I want is that the optimization doesn't delete the material around the hole in order to reduce the mass of the piece
  3. msromero

    Topology optimization

    I tried to, but I really don't know how to do it. Could you easily explain me how to do it?
  4. msromero

    Topology optimization

    Hello! I am trying to optimizate a bellcrank for a formula student car and I am a beginner using Hyperworks. After doing some exercises from Altair Certification I am not able to do anything fine... I have done a model and I want to do a topology optimization in order to minimize the weight. Theoretically, the holes shouldn't be modified. After running the Optistruct I cannot get any clear result... ¿Can anybody look at my model and tell me who I need to change/add? Mallado.fem Mallado.hm