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  1. Hello everybody, I'm trying to do a simple lattice optimization of a cube. I ran the optimization and everything was fine but in Hypermesh I don't see the lattice. There is the topology optimization but it seems a solid and not a reticular shape. How can I see it? I tried to export in STL but the result doesn't change.
  2. Hello everybody, I'm trying to make a very simple optimization of a cube (design space) between two thin plate (non-design space). I applied a vertical load on the upper surface and I constrained the bottom surface. So just make it easier to understand it seems like a cubic sandwich. When I start the optimization it ends but a yellow triangle comes out in the result window so it seems like something goes wrong. Can someone help me?
  3. Hello everybody, I'm preparing my master thesis using the software Optistruct 14. I need to use the lattice optimization tool but I don't understand the difference between the 4 types of lattices. I tried all of them and the geometry seems a bit different but I would like some further details about that.
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