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  1. tinh always seems to have answer for all of the problems we have. Thanks Tinh
  2. Hi Guys, i created hex ( solid) using the solid Map. But those elements seem to be Hex8 ( 8 nodes). But i need the Hex20 (20 nodes). HOw do i do this. Config edit >>swtich does not seem to work. Thanks Ray
  3. the info you gave is not the righ one. Thanks for your willingness to help. You can import patran session file by ( HYpermesh): tools >>set browser>> right click and import session file .ses
  4. Hi Guys, I have a patran .ses file that contains groups. I want to play (import) that session file into hypermesh. What is the best way to do this in hypermesh.
  5. it looks like it works uder "CASE_UNSUPPORTED_CARDS". Thanks for the heads up
  6. Hi All , how do i write Echo = none on the .bdf for nastran solver. Currently this option is not available under analysis>>control cards. I do not see Echo. I am in Nastran user profile.
  7. Hi All, I am working on FEM. When i create a properties, some of them are checked for direct properties. I want to know if i am running the FEM through nastran, what should it be. direct properties should be checked or not. Can you please explain what are direct and indirect properties. Is it the properties applied by collector Vs applied directly onto element? But why some of them are checked automatically. Thanks I also get a warning message saying " This operation will result in removing the direct property...." see below if i try to uncheck. Ray
  8. if i set zoff in pshell while i am in optistruct profile. will this work if i am running the model through nastran. my company does not allow optistruct?
  9. Thanks Kevin, suppose i have two assembly explain below Assembly_1 -component_1 - Component_2 Assemblt _2 -component_3 - Component_4 is it possible to slide component_3 into Assembly_1? Thanks
  10. Sorry, guys i got my answer. it is under the card edit.
  11. Hi All, I cann't see the Zoff on my property panel. I need to offsett the property since the elements are not created in the mid surface.
  12. Hi All , how do i Change the size of coordinate local system in hypermesh ? right now all my local coordinate are very tiny so i can't even see them. Please tell me how do i enlarge them. Thanks Ray
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