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  1. Hello, I am trying to use one of the provided training materials for CoMan, I simply tried to replace the original isotropic antennas of all the nodes with a different antenna pattern (.apa and .apb formats). I made sure that the frequency is within the range. I keep getting the error in the attached picture. I could not figure out the issue. I request your assistance. Thanks.
  2. Hi, I was doing one of the provided training materials that tests a MIMO system using the postprocessing tool in ProMan (Only propagation analysis, no network). I was wonder if the coupling between the antennas in the transmitters and receivers is taken into consideration? If yes, how can I change it? Thanks.
  3. Thanks for the reply and the resource! very useful! However, I was trying to run an optimization project in OptMan using a simple network planning project that I have from ProMan but I keep getting the following warnings and errors (please see attached). I tried running one of the provided OPT Examples with the software installation but similar errors occur. Can you please help? Thanks.
  4. Hello, How can I implement my own optimization algorithm in winprop? It is worth to mention that I want to use the algorithm for sites placements depending on several factors like Power, Data Rate, Capacity... etc. I tried using OptMan but there are no resources in that on how to use it. Thanks.
  5. Hi, I have an algorithm for the assignment of mobile stations in WinProp and I am struggling in adding this algorithm to the software. I have read the part of the manual where it shows the API Functions (which by the way I cannot find the NetManTrafficCore.pp file), that are used in Visual Studios but I still don't understand how to implement my own algorithm in WinProp. Also, where can I find the Visual Studio library that will help me in writing the algorithm? Can anybody help with details please? Thanks.
  6. Hello, I have a 3D antenna pattern that was designed in CST Studio Suite 2018 and I want to use it in WinProp ProMan. What is the easiest way to convert the data? Because CST exports 3D patterns in certain formats but none of them is supported by WinProp (AMan and ProMan). Thanks.
  7. I have an antenna design with circular polarization, both co- and cross-polarization patterns were designed in CST and I want to test it in an indoor model in WinProp. However, as far as you know, WinProp only takes linear polarization when it performs the propagation testing. Should I just import them as RHCP and LHCP or convert them into theta and phi components instead, however in this case I will lose the 90-degree phase shift between them. In fewer words: What is the best way to do circular polarization in WinProp?
  8. I am trying to create a simple indoor scenario with network planning. I am trying to implement a 2x2 MIMO in an LTE air interface conditions. My question is where can I define the modes that my MIMO is using? For example: is the MIMO being used for Spatial Diversity or Spatial Multiplixing? What type of diversity is it using (Spatial Diversity, Polarization Dicersity., Frequency Diversiy or Time Diversity)? is it an open-loop or closed-loop MIMO? As far as I know, I can only modify the Signalling Overhead, Beamforming and the Interference between the streams, but can I can modify the modes such as the ones I mentioned above? If no, what are the defaults that ProMan is using? Thanks.
  9. Greetings, How can I utilize the new feature of the new version of Winprop which is the cross-polarization. In other words, how can I define the cross-polarization level and then how to display the data? Thanks.
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