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  1. at first i'll try to check units=) i think the same, results should be similar. linear buckling (without nnl step) results are the same.
  2. ok=) thank a lot. interesting, but i have different result from abaqus. ) the rate is 2.
  3. @Hyperman perfect!=) it works! my mistake was that i had used static nonlin-geom.) where did you find in UsGuide part about it feature?
  4. @Hyperman I've just tried to open file. Sorry, could you resave file on HM 2017, or just send .fem file?
  5. Wow! Thank a lot, Guys!:) I'll read and look at your attached files!
  6. Hello all! i have one question! is it possible in Optstrct to do these thing? i want to use nonlinear analysis (preload by weight) for linear buckling analysis/ any idea? thank a lot, Guys!
  7. you can try to use radioss quasi-static. to my mind radioss is better for contact ussues;)
  8. do you want connect "node to node"? or "node to node set"?
  9. are you kidding?=) @Ekaterina needs more topics!
  10. The penalization technique used is the “power law representation of elasticity properties,” which can be expressed for any solid 3D or 2D element as follows: K(r) = K*ρ^p where K and K represent the penalized and the real stiffness matrix of an element, respectively, ρ is the density and p the penalization factor which is always greater than 1. In OptiStruct, the DISCRETE parameter corresponds to (p - 1). DISCRETE can be defined on the DOPTPRM bulk data entry. P usually takes a value between 2.0 and 4.0. For example, compared to the non-penalized formulation (which is equivalent to p=1) at ρ=0.3, p=2 reduces the stiffness of the element from 0.3 to 0.09 times the stiffness of the fully dense element. The default DISCRETE is 1.0 for shell dominant structures, and 2.0 for solids dominant structures (the dominance is defined by the proportion of number of elements)
  11. i haven't done mesh fo cfd, i haven't ever worked in acusolve. as for me the best way to try=) do cube, and do diffrent approach/mesh size.=)
  12. https://altairuniversity.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Optim_Interpretation.pdf
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