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  1. it's interesting phenomena, split element doesn't work for 1 d element=)
  2. it's impossible if you should align 1000 nodes and have 100 elements for example=) i use this tool when i have a geometry.
  3. i'll try=) ok, example i've got penetration. but i hadn't geometry. but i want to fix my penetration. i have diffrent ways to do it: but it's all for nodes and geometrical objects. i can't choose <element>. yeah i know one way->from solid->element faces->element faces to surfaces-> you may try. but surfaces are in bad tolerance to element faces. i think if i can choose aline nodes by mesh faces it will be great tool. in ansa i can do it and i can choose the offset distance btwn tagert elements faces and nodes. is it clear?=)
  4. @tinh is it possible to project with offset nodes to FE face? like in ANSA. it will be very usefull tool.
  5. try to use "autoclean up" tool. but you should add mesh parameters which you use for meshing yellow body. you can create this. (i am talking about shell mesh, because autoclean up uses this params) better to use smaller el size parameters than your mesh will be. exmpl if you want 2 mm tetra you should use 1 mm for clean up tool.
  6. you can do RB instead rbe+shell because your rbe+shell=rigid body=)
  7. tools->faces->select bolt->show equvalence->equivalence
  8. i don't like and understand how to work rbe in radioss. i have done it like this=) 1..avi 14_0000.rad 14_0001.rad
  9. i see. i have taken my units, but it was not cause of error. i am still trying to solve these issue=)
  10. @rea2 which units did you choose? i don't understand.
  11. you should create contact pairs/general contact. if you have contact you can easy check it in HM.=)
  12. and if i were you i would delete all forces and loads in model. and when you win penetration you can add forces and loades=)
  13. you can read in .out file all information about contact problems.
  14. have you checked penetration?
  15. try to name folders and files in latine letter without spaces. maybe it will help you.
  16. i don't know. maybe you should update your version=)
  17. hello! could you add pics?
  18. Yeah! pretension works properly! create another step and move static load.=)
  19. Hey! i have an idea! i will check it.) try to off static load=) to my mind you shoul switch on it on second step=) Forces apply together, although this is wrong way. ) i will check it too!=)
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