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  1. hello! i haven't opened your model. at first, i don't now about altair, but it doesn't recomend to use no tension/no compression to beam/truss elements in abaqus. i'm looking for your model and will give some advice, but i'm just newbie in altair solvers.
  2. No. i have written about it in privious message. i've done finner mesh, i thought it will has helped. but i was wrong. there mesh has been connected grid to grid. i had released it and did finner mesh. and after it i've done TIE (for altair it's freeze). do you understand my explanation? thanks, i will try to use your advice and after it i will write about the results.
  3. you can see, i tryed to use finner mesh, but it didn,t help. i'm just newbie in altair solvers, i have been using abqs for a long time.
  4. i use monitor, i can see that this is going wrong.
  5. hello @Prakash Pagadala! of course, i have used large displacement analysis. it's my first goal to use nlstat large displacement analysis instead implicite nonlin-geom analysis. thanks a lot, i'm going to see your file! could your give me any advice how to solve large strain in my issue? i think the problem is large distortion of elements.
  6. @jiaru72300 @Prakash Pagadala thanks, but i've yet tryed n2s, it's didn't help. i tryed to create pairs ribs tube; and tube to ribs S-M and M-S, but it hasn't worked. i have been solving it issue for 3 weeks! it issue have yet solved in NONLINEAR geometry implicit solver in optistruct (it uses radioss ), but i have got a task to convert it in quasi-static nonlinear static. small ribs have distorted while plate has deformed. have you got any idea, guys?
  7. hello @Prakash Pagadala. it's corporate secret. i can only show pics. sorry=(
  8. Hello all! who have had problem like me and have solved it? i'm trying to do edge_to_surface contact in optistruct. i can't add model. if i have large model with ribs panel will impact to them. could you give me any tricks to win it? thanks a lot.
  9. Have you won this problem, Friend? i try to solve issue edge to surface contact too, but my task is on shell mesh.
  10. Hello, Rahul!

    would you explain how to setup quasi-static nonlinear solver? what parameters do i use to have a good convergence? if i have contact issue what will i do? 

    if i use nonlinear quasi-static nlstat my task break at first increment, and optistruct doesn't do another one.

    How to chose parameters for successfully iteration?

    thanks a lot!

  11. Hello all! I'm newbie in HW products. Please, who could help about option like *imperfection in abaqus. I want to do buckling analysis, and use initial displacement in nonlinear analysis with load bigger than critical. Sorry, guys, my english isn't well.
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