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  1. Ok all works, I forgot add waveguide source. Thank you JIF for help!!
  2. I solved problem with permission and changed the second line. My feko works! Thanks JIF! I have next error this time with waveguide port. I have to ask for help again. I attache screeenshoot.
  3. What is more I have no permission to change anything in the file, why ?
  4. Here you are , this is the second file which you need. this line is already in the attached file below FEKOenvironmentFromSetup.lua
  5. Hi JIF I don't think that this is the same error because in my screenshoot is 66 line not 5. The erros can be related but not necessarily so I attach indicated by Feko file. My license file is in security folder. FEKOenvironment.lua
  6. Hello! I have the newest edition Feko Studen Edition. I would like to simulation my project but I can't because of ERROR 20103 . Please help me, what I have to do to make it work correctly? Below I attach screenshoot with Error. Thanks for help in advance!
  7. Paweł

    Import model from CST studio suite to FEKO

    As stated in the comment I referenced above, "Material parameters, substrates and face settings (whether PEC or dielectric surface etc.) are parameters that will not be included/translated with CAD exports." ok I understand now. Can you tell me what are the differences between .igs and .stp extensions? I noticed that in .igs are more elements in geometry tree. ok but I can't choose Metalic in "Medium" gap. Can you tell step by step how to add aluminium? I have problem with mesh, this error (error 832) I show in first post . I think that this error is related with problem to choose metalic but not only. ERROR 832 - " two triangles touch without a common edge " I have no idea if I have to fix the mesh in CST studio suite or in Feko ?
  8. Paweł

    Import model from CST studio suite to FEKO

    Hello Madele! All model is made from Aluminium in CST but after importing it converted into PEC, I don't know why. Yes Ican use dielectric(teflon) but it is possible to change PEC into Aluminium ? What does it mean remove finite thickness? Is this a different problem or related to the model shown above? This is link with to this one model all the time;) Can I attach the file with my model? Can you check my project in feko on your computer and indicate errors? Best wishes Paweł
  9. Paweł

    Import model from CST studio suite to FEKO

    Hello M van der Merwe, Below is what i see in FEKO. I can't change the material in face but i can in regions. I added teflon and this material is avaiable in regions. Unfortunetly another material from the group of metals for example Aluminium is inaccessible. My antenna is made from Aluminium so I need use this material. I don't know what i should to do the unions, which parts i should link?? What is the rules about connecting the parts? I have a problem with triangles, a grid. I do not know how to solve this problem.the CST grid is probably not suitable for simulation in FEKO. I am not able to do this project in feko anew because I do not know this software and soon expire my time to pass my Master of Science.
  10. Hello! I would like to ask you for some help with my problem connected with importing my antenna model from CST to FEKO. It imported without any problems and the model is shown in FEKO somehow it's not possible to simulate. I suppose that there is problem with materials because everything is one material(PEC). There should be dielectric too and I can't go into properties to change the material. Probably there are more problems. During the simulation I get errors which I link to that post. I exported my model with file extensions like : .stp .igs .nas. How can I solve this problem??
  11. Paweł

    erro 832

    Hello ! I have a small problem during simulation my antenna model. The simulation fails and a this error appears. What can cause it? blad_feko — skrót.lnk
  12. Paweł

    Import ERROR Feko

    Hi! I have project with CST Studio Suite but I would like to import this antenna to CADFEKO. I have CADFEKO ver 2018_edu and i can't do this. I tried with formats .sat ; .nas , .stl. What i have to do?
  13. Paweł

    Error while opening

    I solved problem. I had to launch CADFEKO as an administrator.
  14. Paweł

    Error while opening

    Hi! I have a problem with running CAD FEKO Edu ver. 2018. Licence file was copied correctly. This window pops up for me during start process. What I have to do ?