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  1. Hi @Prakash, I just wanted to confirm I understand the results correctly, your saying the sum total for each axis of the X,Y,Z - Trans has to be equal to or at least 90% of the mass of 3.14000E-005 correct? Then what frequency would I use for my V1 and V2 (from the normal modes), the one in the list that has the most mass? Or to word it better how can I tell which one is my upper and lower limit for freq?
  2. @Prakash, I have a question about this topic, can you please explain further - When you are reading the output file under the 'modal effective mass' by the 'subcase total' do you add the column up going left to right until you get a total mass greater then 90% when you convert it to a decimal number? Or is it possible to request just the total mass number from hypermesh and have it wrote to the outfile?
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