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  1. Hello, this is my file, thanks for the help. 20181026_YG_0000.out 20181026_YG_0000.rad actuator.hm
  2. Hello, I am new user of hyper mesh. I encounter a error when I ran radioss. The error id is 760 It says I add solid property to shell elements. But in my model, there is no shell elements. Is it due to my mesh method ? I mesh the surface first and then use solid map mesh. The orginal file is attached as below. Please review it. Thanks. 20181026_YG_0000.rad actuator.hm 20181026_YG_0000.out
  3. Thanks for your information I have checked the version of my software, it is 2017.3. I have downloaded 2019, but the license is not ready in China. I have called the sales in China, they advised us to wait. Thanks, I have downloaded the pdf, I will read it.
  4. Hello, Thanks for your reply. I have downloaded your model, and run on my computer. Some errors. I don't know why. I am new users of activate. I think your solution should be the right one this topic. It is kind if you can show me where I can get this information on how to make the custom block. I click on the help, it is not enough. Or you can give me the name of the documents, I can download from Altair connect by myself. Thank you very much.
  5. Hello Thanks for your reply. If like this, I need to change too much of my models. The model with friction, with stops are built in Modelica model. Is possible to add Mass as a function of the travel in the models? Because, I see the Mass is a parameter here. Thanks.
  6. Hello, I am user of activate. I have one question in simulation. For example, following simulation, how can I change the mass of the moving part, making the mass as a function depends on the travel. As below: 0<Travel<50, mass=50 50<Travel<100, mass=30 background for this requirement. It is due to the design of actuator. We use activate, to simulation the dynamic behavior of actuators. The moving core contains 2 parts, iron part and copper part. The magnetic force is due to the iron part. The total travel is 10mm. But the copper part will stop at 8mm, the iron part will continue to finish the last 2mm. So, I simplified the topic to the following model. It is like a force is applied to an object. While the mass of the object is dependent of the travel, I need to remove one part of the mass, when the travel reaches specific value. Thanks.
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