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  1. I get the same messages, but my compiler is working in Activate.
  2. Hi MGKKKKKKK, Can you give us a block diagram (from Simulink) or equation (from Matlab)? It would be easier to understand. Regards
  3. Hi yugang, In case of an elastic impact you can use ElastoGap: Regards Elastic impact.scm
  4. Hi Lokesh Katari, The quoted message just contains simport warnings. The error message itself follows later. Please can you post it? Regards
  5. RoKet

    Lookup table

    Hi Jackie, Two things are necessary to be changed: A instead of 'A' Definition of A in Model context or Diagram Home context - or - GetFromBase('A') instead of A Regards
  6. Hi Jackie, unfortunately I can't see the image. With which software are you working? Regards
  7. Hi @LOKESH KATARI, Did you get the import running? While checking the import on my computer I got the same error message. The reason was a mix of versions of Activate and import library. Today I've installed the brand new version 2020 and Simport_V1.4_for_Activate2020 and everything works fine! Regards
  8. It's not compulsory, it's optional. If your model uses functions written in an m-file you can add the file to the import. The log file reports all messages from the import process. After opening (and closing) projects the path is filled with the temporary project directory. If the associated project has already been closed, the directory doesn't exist any more. Please try to fill in just a name of a log file without any path.
  9. Hi Aiko, Unfortunately there are too many messages, and the list stops before an interesting error message appears. I propose to split you model into several parts and import them separately. Here are some common hints for a successful import (thanks to @Ramine and @christiankeh) Import of *.m files only works for parameters defined in this file, not for functions. To make this work as expected, you have to rename the file file extensions from*.m to *.oml and either ddd the path to the *.oml-files to the ModelInitialization script or open the corresponding path to the *.oml-files in th FileBrowser Sometimes the importer can't recognize the correct output port size. In this case the row size of the output port has to be set manually. It happens e.g. if a Demux block is attached to the output port. If an error message stating that the code within an OML block is too long, you can solve this, by “unchecking” the attribute “Atomic” in the superblock. Regards
  10. Hi Aiko, The list only shows warnings with not much importance. Please provide the complete output messages, if available. Regards
  11. Hi Yugang, As I understand it, switch case expressions are not allowed in math expression block (see help). An alternative is the use of OML-block. Furthermore switch/case has to be used in another way: switch gets an expression, case the result. In your case if/else is the right construct. I've attached an example. OMLblock.scm
  12. Hi Romain B, I have no experience with Visual Studio Build Tools 2017, I always use Visual Studio Community (https://visualstudio.microsoft.com/downloads/). It is important to install the C++ environment (sorry for German version) Settings in Activate doesn't matter, the compiler is searched automatically (and hopefully found).
  13. Hi Arnigaber, There is a small difference between your model and the demo SpringDamperSystem. In the demo all mechanical components are taken from Multibody library, you can recognize it by the connectors. You can't combine Multibody connectors and Translational connectors directly as the direction of Translational isn't defined in space. In that case you have to use a Multibody component that allows the insert of a Translational element, e. g. LineForceWithMass or JointUPS. Alternatively you can setup your model as a pure 1D system. Replace the world by fixed, and add the gravitation force separately (or use Inclination angle in cylinder). The demo LandingGear in HydraulicsByFluidon/CoSim shows an example of a passive hydraulic damper, also Monotube damper and Twin-tube damper in HydraulicsByFluidon/CircuitModels.
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