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  1. Hi Arul, Please look at topic Compiler required to use Modelica with Activate. The compiler you have chosen should be correct, please check if you have installed C/C++ option. Visual Studio doesn't install C++ by default. Best Regards
  2. Greetings! I've exported an FMU with Activate 2019.2 and use it with the FMU-block in another Activate model. The parameters I can see are a long list of real and integer parameters (Rpar and Ipar) and some parameters whose names are identifiable (value of constant, ...). Do somebody know how to identify other parameters? Especially I want to set parameters of a Modelica submodel. Is it possible? Thanks.
  3. There is a topic to the same error Error 2372, perhaps it helps. You are in the wrong forum. With which tool are you working?
  4. Liv and Chris, You are my gods ! Thank you for putting me on the right track. One questions is still left: if I use the library approach, do I have to deliver my model with the library to a customer? Ronald
  5. Hi Soichiro Fukamachi, It seems that you haven't installed the right compiler. vc_enc isn't a C++-compiler. The answer to getCompilerName should be like this: > vssGetCompilerName() ans = vc15_community_x64 Please check that you have installed the C++-compiler of the package (another tick of a check box during installation). C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 17.0\VC (or similar) should contain vcvarsall.bat and \bin\amd64\cl.exe.
  6. Hi all, I have a model of a controlled drive unit with inputs and outputs. Now I want to use this unit several times in another model of a more complex machine, the main parameters (power, max. speed, max. displacement) should be the same in all instances of the unit. Furthermore, modifications should have effect on all units. What I have in mind are two solutions: Supermodel of unit, that may be stored in a library (no common update of model possible), or an 'Include Diagram' construct. What I haven't said yet: the interface ports of my drive unit should be Activate signal ports and Modelica ports . Is this a killer criterion? Thanks for your ideas! Ronald
  7. Hi Christian, I fully agree to your explanations. An additional question: You mentioned the include diagram block (a very interesting and powerful element!). Can I use it with Modelica ports or is it limited to Activate signals? Many of my models have super models with Modelica content and Modelica ports, It would be very helpful if I could exchange a super models by another one by changing a configuration parameter. Thanks, Ronald
  8. Hi Minoru, To solve the division by zero you can use an if-clause. I have used an additional variable auxval, alternatively you can use the tan(gamma)-expression directly inside the if-clause. Real auxval(start=0.01); equation if (abs(x - x_b) <= 0.01) then auxval = 0.01; else auxval = x - x_b; end if; tan(gamma) = (y - y_b) / auxval; Best regards, Ronald
  9. Hi Ludwig, You can convert the cell into a struct using cell2struct, but I think it is too cumbersome. An easier way is to use directly a struct with the limitation of having only one dimension, but named fields. The script looks lke this: clc,clear,close all for i = 1 : 4 plotnames(i).title = ['plot, title ',num2str(i)]; plotnames(i).xlabel = ['xlabel ',num2str(i)]; plotnames(i).ylabel = ['ylabel ',num2str(i)]; end % direct access or within a loop title(plotnames(3).title); xlabel(plotnames(3).xlabel); ylabel(plotnames(3).ylabel); Regards, Ronald
  10. No ideas? I have tried to call the h3d-file directly from an omlcustomblock at the end of a simulation, but it failed. Also the attempt to call the h3d-file from oml command window went wrong.
  11. I'm using the 'MotionSolve Signals' block for a co-simulation between Activate and MotionSolve. Now I'd like to show animation results (h3d-file) automatically after simulation run, e. g. with HyperView Player instead of loading result in HyperView manually (or clicking on apply for update of reusults). Does anybody have an idea how this can be done?
  12. At the top of package Translational SI is defined as placeholder for Modelica.SIunits. import SI = Modelica.SIunits; Everywhere else in this file you can use SI instead of Modelica.SIunits.
  13. Hi Minoru, I don't know why, but if you change the advanced parameter 'Activation mode' from 'Standard mode' to 'Always Active mode' the expected result is calculated. Regards, Ronald
  14. Hi elaiyabharathi, Which geometry do you mean? There is no geometry in Activate to be exported. Your other posts are in forum FEKO, maybe you have confused the forum?
  15. Hi Minoru, Working directory and load/save directory are two different things. In working directory e. g. oml-scpripts are searched for. In the GUI you set the directory in the File Browser The load/save directory is always the last directory you have used for opeing or saveing a project. The setting can be found in c:\users\<username>\.altair\Activate<version>\hwx\settings.xml in section Session <section name="@Session"> <section name="DirectoryBrowser"> <entry name="Open Directory" value="D:/home/ActivateLibrary/_demos/Circuit models/" type="string"/> <section name="History"> <entry name="@name" value="D:/Hub/Christian" type="string" current="1"/> ... If you can set your preferred directory automatically e. g. in the startup script, I don't know.
  16. Hi asajd, Thanks for solving the mapping problem. With your files it now works fine. I just had to rename the file "Landing_Gear_4_wheels_x_t.8bbc17520c5a14e4688199a9da4b1a66" into Landing_Gear_4_wheels.x_t". Ronald
  17. I'm playing around with the new demo models for Inspire and MotionSolve (https://altairhyperworks.com/motionsolve-models/) and export the model "Landing Gear - 4 Wheels" to MotionSolve. When I open the model (.mdl) in MotionView, the connections between graphics and the components in x_t-file are broken (no box checked in the Components list). Also the names of the componets are not the same as in x_t-file, otherwise I could restore the connections by name. How can I avoid this problem? Thanks for help, Ronald Landing_Gear_4 wheels.mdl Landing_Gear_4_wheels_x_t.74525011bdbc603bdf22cb4881e16717
  18. Yubuchi-san, ad 1) I think you are right. Somehow the explanatory texts have shifted. The Modelica source code contains e. g. Modelica.Blocks.Interfaces.RealInput f_normalized "Normalized force signal 0..1 (normal force = fn_max*f_normalized; brake is active if > 0)" ad 2) Your model should work, but OpenModelica also has its numerical difficulties with it. If you add a mass at support port, the model works fine (see Brake04.scm). Best regards, Ronald Brake04.scm
  19. Hi Lorenzo, Thanks for the cool example for combining Compose and Activate. Do you know a method to modify parameters in the Activate model from Compose? For the case of an interactive working with the simulation model Andyer posted another interesting proposal in the Activate forum (running Activate in batch with OML file input- example and a few questions). As I understand it you can do similar things directly with the oml scripting in Activate. Ronald
  20. Sorry, I assigned the result to variable x. If you replace x by Nf in line 16, you get Nf.
  21. Hi Arul, I have modified the script a little bit according to the help of 'fzero' clc,clear function output = equation(Nf) dEps = 0.5; Eps = 0.8; Sigma = 90; E = 30; c = 0.8; b = 0.9; output = Sigma/E*(2*Nf)^b + Eps*(2*Nf)^c-dEps/2; end options = optimset('TolX', 1.0e-8); interval = [0, 6]; [x,fval] = fzero(@equation, interval, options) It's running in 2017.3 without any problem.
  22. Yes, I forgot to mention. I check it with this simple model The script part is sometimes a little bit tricky. Unfortunately I have no example, perhaps someone else can help with a code snippet?
  23. Hi Vinivici, The definition of inputs and output looks like this: Assuming n=2 (x-axis), m=2 (y-axis), k=2 (z-axis) Then output vector with size n*n*k: [f(x1,y1,z1), f(x2,y1,z1), f(x1,y2,z1), f(x2,y2,z1), f(x1,y1,z2), f(x2,y1,z2), f(x1,y2,z2), f(x2,y2,z2)] Reading of csv and populating inputs and output have to be done as a script in 'Diagram Home Context' or 'Model initialization'. Best Regards.
  24. Thanks, L Moretti. That's a really cool and useful example with a time delay in drawing and repainting in different colors. BR, Ronald
  25. Hi Yugang, The model is setup with Activate 2019. Which version are you using? More information about the Modelica custom block and how to use it you can get from "Activate Extended Definitions", a pdf with very helpful information about Activate. It is linked in the help of the custom block (Activate Extended Topics Guide). BR Ronald
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