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  1. Hi, I would like to calculate the mass of my component in HyperMesh (I've already ceated the material collector with the features of the material like density), otherwise I would like to know if it's possible to calculate the volume of the component. Thank you
  2. mabefa

    Centrifugal force optimization

    Thank you so much for your help.
  3. mabefa

    Centrifugal force optimization

    Ok, thank you so much. I would like to ask you something else. In the A field of RFORCE I have to apply the angular velocity. In which unit of measurement do I have to express it?
  4. mabefa

    Mesh on an optimized component

    Hi, Thank you for your answer. How can I use OSSMOOTH correctly?
  5. Hi, Hi have a disk of a turbine I did an optimization on it and after that I imported the optimized geometry in Solidworks to correct the final geometry. The design space was only the disk so the blade has been left invariated. Then I imported again th new geometry from Solidworks to Hypermesh because I want to to an analysis on the optimized component. I would like to mesh the blade with the same mesh I created for the component when I was doing the pre-processing for the previous optimization. How can I do it without repeat all the procedure I used for create the mesh firstly?
  6. Hi, I have a centrifugal force on my component which I realized with a load collector with card image RFORCE. I tried to do an analysis on it to see the stresses and the displacements applied on this component. Then I would like to do an optimization of the component using the same loadstep with the centrifugal force but when I run the optimization an error appears which says " Currently IDRF field in RFORCE is not supported for optimization analysis". How can I solve it?
  7. Hi, I have a sinusoidal force that I want to import in Hypermesh to do a fatigue analysis. The problem is that it is expresed through his real part and his immaginary part. How can I import it in Hypermesh to do a fstigue analysisi without expressing it with his magnitude in the domain of time?
  8. So How can I create a frequency response subcase?
  9. Hi, I have a component in HyperMesh in which I have imported a distribution of pressure with a csv file in which there are the coordinates of the points where the pressure is applied, and for each point there's the value of the pressure. I also have two other csv files where there's the value of an oscillating pressure for each point: in one I have the real part of this oscillating pressure, and in the other the immaginary part acting on each point. With this two files I created a loadcollector with card image DLOAD. Now I would like to do a fatigue analysis with this DLOAD. Is it possible to do it? If yes how can I set the analysis with this type of loadcollector?
  10. I tried using it but the software gives an error saying that that type of constraint is not compatible with PSOLID properties. Do I have to modify something to make it applicable for PSOLID property I have?
  11. Hi, I Would like to do an optimization on a component in which I have a freq. resp (direct) loadstep that I created. I want to set a dconstraint on the stress of every element of the mesh. The constraint would be on the upper bound of the stresses. Which card do I have to choose in response panel to to that?
  12. mabefa

    Freq. resp analysis

    So I have to set H3D in FORMAT panel in GLOBAL_OUTPUT_REQUEST for GPSTRESS, and then I have to go in OUTPUT panel and select OPTI in KEYWORD panel. Is it right?
  13. Thanks @Prakash Pagadala and @Premanand Suryavanshi for your answers.
  14. mabefa

    Freq. resp analysis

    Hi, I want to do a frequency response analysis of my component and I would like to see in output the stress in a set of nodes I created. To do that i've gone in control cards panel, I selected GLOBAL_OUTPUT_REQUEST, but I don't know which field I have to select to have stresses in output, in fact there's CSTRESS, GPSTRESS and STRESS and I don't know which one I have to choose. After that what I have to do with the fields thata appear (FORMAT, FORM...)? Can someone help me?
  15. Hi, After an optimization with a constraint on the volumefrac if I go in the Iso Value panel I see there's a field which is called Current Value in which I can set a number. What does this number mean?