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  1. Hello Madam/Sir, I am using FLUX 2018 and GOT IT 3.0. There is an IPM design in FLUX which I am optimizing for torque ripple in GOtIT. After loading the .F2G file into GOTIT, i get the following error message. I am not able to start the optimization procedure. Please let me know what is the issue in this. Thanks Mohamed Zubair M PhD Student ECE NC State University USA Executing: 'C:/Cedrat/GOT-It_3.0/Got/configurations/Got_units_SI_multiple.py' file Executing: 'C:/Cedrat/GOT-It_3.0/Got/configurations/Got_units_usual.py' file [upgrade] Data written by software: GotIt_V2010-12-12 [upgrade] Software build version : GotIt_V2015-10-30 [upgrade] Data written by user: mmohame2 [upgrade] Data writing date: Tue May 01 16:14:49 EDT 2018 [upgrade] Data reading date: Tue May 01 16:15:21 EDT 2018 Running: 'C:/Cedrat/GOT-It_3.0/Got/upgrades/upgrades01.py' file Running: 'C:/Cedrat/GOT-It_3.0/Got/GOTIT/ujlc/upgrades/upgrades01_gotit.py' file Loading properties: C:/Users/mmohame2/Desktop/Low Torque Ripple IPM design/FEA/GOT IT optimization/Ulayer_symm_solved.FLU/Optim_torque.F2G [6|1525205722398|25|INFO ][RsiApplication|AbstractRsiApplicationMain.initApplication] : Initializing RSI application: Class: RsiMultiphysiqueMain Version: ( 20151118, 20151210 025708) [7|1525205722416|25|INFO ][CssDAO|PreferencesFluxServerDescriptionDao.<init>] : Initializing from system preferences node: Cedrat_Soft_Server Unexpected 'FLUX2D_2018.0_64' Cannot open a session: . solverName= null . modelpath=GiFluxPath(modelPath=Ulayer_symm_solved.FLU/Optim_torque.F2G) Unknown solver name 'null' [9|1525205722425|25|WARNING ][Communicator|GiFluxCommunicator.checkRequiredSolverIsAvailable] : Required solver not available: Required: FLUX2D_2018.0_64 Available: [] Required solver not available: Required: FLUX2D_2018.0_64 Available: [] NamedObjectBase file: 'C:/Users/mmohame2/Desktop/Low Torque Ripple IPM design/FEA/GOT IT optimization/Optim_torque_Ulayer_symm.gotit' read
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