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  1. Nitin Jain

    How to remove intersection in solid elements

    Hi @Ivan I cant move the component in z direction. As I wanted to simulate them with touch condition (gap in z direction is 0). Moreover entire geometry consist of more than 35 parts which will be a big task to align all of them again. I am having same problem with almost all the parts. I have also tried to give Type 20 contact but interference is still there. May you please share the recommended parameters for Type 20 contact for Crash Application. Regards Nitin Jain
  2. Hi All, I want to create 2 solid blocks touching each other and bolted together. I meshed them and when I import the same in Hypercrash and checked for intersections, it shows me an intersection. I have tried to resolve this by Remove intersections option or 3D mesh editing, but could not remove this intersection. Can you please help me how to remove such intersections and corresponding penetration. Thanks in advance. Regards Nitin Jain
  3. Nitin Jain


    Thanks a ton @Rahul R. Hyperview is a very powerful post processing tool. Regards Nitin Jain
  4. Nitin Jain


    Hello All, I want to compare the behavior of deformation of beam in Simulation and Experiment. I am using Hyperview to run animation of my simulation and MediaView to run the recorded video of experiment. Now I want to sync both of them in one window to observe the deformation behavior at different point of time. Is there any tutorial available on how to sync Hyperview and Mediaview windows in single page?? Regards Nitin Jain
  5. Nitin Jain

    Strain rate units for Mat Law 36 PLAS_TAB

    Hi @Ivan Thank you for your reply. It has answered my query. Regards Nitin Jain
  6. Nitin Jain

    Strain rate units for Mat Law 36 PLAS_TAB

    Hi Pranav Hari, Here my problem lies. If I select ''ms'' as strain rate unit, then the difference between simulation results and physical testing results is very high. On the other hand, if I take ''sec'' as strain rate unit, then the difference is acceptable. My concern is Altair has missed to assign unit system to Strain rate and by default it took values only in ''sec''. Please share your opinion. Regards Nitin Jain
  7. Nitin Jain

    Strain rate units for Mat Law 36 PLAS_TAB

    Hi Pranav Hari, I believe that is not the case with Hypercrash. When you start HyperCrash, you have an option to select Units system. Please find following screen shot for more details: Regards Nitin Jain
  8. Hello All, Greetings!! I am using mm, kg, ms units system in HyperCrash and using Mat Law 36 or PLAS_TAB for different parts. Therefore I have taken strain rate unit as 1/ms. But general standard unit for the strain rate is 1/sec. Therefore I ran simulation with units as 1/sec as well. Results: Simulation results of Strain rate with 1/sec units are closer to experimental results as compare to 1/ms simulation results. Above screen shot is from Radioss_10.0_Reference_Guide2. Please guide me what unit (1/sec or 1/ms) to use for accurate material modelling in Radioss. Thanks and Regards Nitin Jain
  9. Hello Everyone, I am running a simple implicit simulation with Optistruct Solver. I want to analyse the Bending Moment Diagram of a hollow beam supported by 2 locations and Load is also applied at 2 location on opposite surface. Please find attached file for more details. Can you please help me how to plot and analyse the Bending Moment Diagram of this Beam. Thanks In advance. Regards Nitin Jain SB2_mit_radius.hm SB2_mit_radius.h3d