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  1. @Prakash Pagadala @gopal_rathore tks for ur help, i forgot to assign the /PART to component!
  2. Dear Sir, I want to do a three point bending test of carbon fiber laminate in Hypermesh with Radioss. I found something puzzle when i create the contact between components after i had defined materials, properties (CFK using M25_COMPSH and property with it using P17_STACK), plies, laminate and some of boundary conditions. I chose TYPE 7 as the card image to let laminate be a slave entity and impactor be a mater entity but i found i cannot select my laminate component in the option(i can only see other component) Is there any mistake in my operation? Here are some pics under. I am exactly green hand in radioss, my apology... and I hope someone can help me on this.
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