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  1. please find attached my model for more details. i can't visualise the fibre orientation in my model also. Best regards. SAIDI Amine bwrap_independant_layers_resin_initial_2.hf bwrap_independant_layers_resin_initial_2_0000.rad bwrap_independant_layers_resin_initial_2_0001.rad
  2. Dear santhosh thank you mr santhosh, that's exactly what i need , but i don't know how to visualise the fibre orientation in the post-processing if you can help me do that . Best regards. SAIDI Amine
  3. hello community i want to simulate composite Forming with independent layers modeling with resin. i found in the forum this training support ,but i don't found the other parts of the training. the training support refers to the file " bwrap_independant_layers_resin_initial.hf" as in the picture i would be very grateful if you could help me to find this file it well be agerat help . Best regards. SAIDI Amine HF_Training_Composite_Forming_EN.pdf
  4. hello everyone can we use the "blank type :composite" in the autoprocess of hyperform ? because I only find it in the user process cordially
  5. hello community I want to extract the ".hf" file from the ".rad" file. how can I do it ? I found this files (attached ) in a post on the forum in this post (Composite Forming Simulation (double action, multilayered) ...) and I'm working on the same problem. run_0000.rad run_0001.rad
  6. I'm working on the same problem I failed to extract the ".hf" file from the ".rad" file. how can I do it ?
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