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  1. simulation explicite

    2D mesh, line contact, Radioss nichtlinear analysis

    Hi, Check this RADIOSS video learning series: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=FjErJVigVJU&index=2&list=PL1u26y75SCrA_BOCLaSewVCNY7xRvCTnA&t=14s Creating Type 11 contact and the various contact parameters are covered here. Also they have released a free RADIOSS ebook which is very useful for beginners. Many FAQs, tutorials, theoretical background....etc are well covered in that.
  2. simulation explicite

    bullet penetration - contact trouble (type 7)

    Hi, If I guess right lead behaves as a plastic material which is easily deformable. In such a case I don't think using Law 1 is good. You may to try with Law 2 or 36.
  3. simulation explicite

    Sequential loading with changing boundary condition.

    Hi, I think one tutorial is available in Help showing sequential loading in RADIOSS. Check for tutorial RD-3599 (Gasket with HyperMesh) for better understanding on defining the curve for a sequential loading case.
  4. simulation explicite

    Error unknown command line argument radioss

    Hi, In RADIOSS solver manager remove any commands from the run command field, and run the analysis.
  5. simulation explicite

    Hypercrash Error 119: Lagrangian surface is empty

    I think he is trying for a symmetric contact. For all components he has modeled a symmetric contact?.
  6. simulation explicite

    Property type for tetramesh

    Hi, For tetra elements Isolid will not work. You can use Itetra option instead in the property card. Create output block for all components and plot the hourglass energy graph for all components and thereby find the component responsible for high HG energy.
  7. simulation explicite

    The problem of static analysis of adhesive problem

    Hi, For a clamped model like this it will always tend to break from the fixed end as all the dof is arrested here. And that's why you're getting high stresses at fixed end.
  8. simulation explicite

    Model problems

    Hi, A function is missing in your model file which is required for running. It seems from the loads the function is missing. Do you have concentrated load or any imposed loads in your model?. If so, those loads require a function wrt time and the load will be ramped accordingly on to the model.
  9. simulation explicite

    Hypercrash Error 119: Lagrangian surface is empty

    Hi, The error shows that the master surface is empty. Please update the master and slave and click on review so that the slave will be displayed in red colour and master in blue and by this we can reconfirm that the master and slave is updated properly in the interface. Are you trying to define it for solid components?. If so, create a contact surface for the same and recall the same in the master of interface.
  10. simulation explicite

    How To Assign Number of Cores

    Hi, Assign the number of cores (-nt) in RADIOSS solver run manager and review whether it helps
  11. simulation explicite

    element deformation contour plot visulazation

    Yes, seems fine, but disable Icpre option.
  12. simulation explicite

    element deformation contour plot visulazation

    Hello, Isolid is to choose hex element formulation, whereas I_tetra option is used to select the tetra element formulation. Isolid will not be considered if you choose for Tet elements
  13. simulation explicite

    Contact in composites

    Hi, For modelling glass failure I would recommend you to create a failure card for this, which will simulate a realistic fracture modelling. You can choose /FAIL/FLD (forming limit diagram) failure card for the same. User should have the FLD curve from experimental testing. Check this tutorial at https://altairuniversity.com/conceptual-design-of-a-3-wheeler-motorbike/conceptual-design-of-a-3-wheeler-motorbike-stone-impact-simulation/ which shows the methodology for model setup.
  14. simulation explicite

    About Dummies in RADIOSS

    Hi, Free dummy models are not available. But one tutorial is available in Help (HyperCrash tutorial, RD 3150 seat crash) where I think a 50 percentile rigid dummy is used and this model is available, which you can check in your installation directory.
  15. simulation explicite

    element deformation contour plot visulazation

    Hi, Try these workarounds: Hourglass seems to very high in the model. For solid elements use Isolid-24 and if any shell elements are there use ishell-24 and N-5. For the contact keep Istf to 4, so that minimum of master and slave will be calculated. Also give a minimum stiffness (Stmin-1000N/m). Plot the global contact energy also. Ramp the load in 300 milliseconds so that the solution will be stable. Once these changes are done, run the simulation and plot the hourglass energy for each part so that we can see which part is contributing more. And finally make sure correct material type and parameters are used. Which material is used for this?.