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  1. hi Prakash, could you tell me an option for Geom non-linear analysis where i should get a GPFORCE-Displacement diagram? with Nonlinear quasi static i can not solve because of contact. Thanks in advance!
  2. hi. i just found the option free edges. with it it works better. but somehow with the contact parameters i can not solve the contact with zero distance between the components. I got always an other displacement at contactpoints. What can be the problem? A displacement with the blue loadcollector at the yellow component is defined. Thanks!
  3. hi! as i saw  previous post form you solved the following problem. Could you please help?

    I posted my question here.


    Thanks in advance!


  4. Hi. could you explain me what u excatly defined? i just get few elements (as you can see on the picture below) for two contactsurfaces. It does not work. What did u defined correctly as Interface and as contactsurfaces? Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi! Could you please send me the tutoriial of Type11? I could find only the video, where line components are made with "FIND EDGE" command. Yes you understand right. I just tried it with 0.5mm GAP min but in this case it gives bigger displacement at the top point of rectangle. See the picture below. Could you also send a tutorial for the definition of parameteres? With online help i used the followings, it gave me the same result. Thank you!
  6. Hi! I just checked tutorial video: https://youtu.be/-eoYLVLz0dA?list=PL1u26y75SCrA_BOCLaSewVCNY7xRvCTnA&t=1044 how to define type11. Reduced the gap for 0.5mm, as IMP DISP i defined 0.55, so at the top point of the rectangle i should get 0.05mm, but as you can see below is much higher. What can be the problem?
  7. Hi! Could ssomeone help with the following problems please? I defined two surfaces with shell elements and an imposed displacement in the middle of the circle(-2,044mm in Y axis) I don't know how to define correctly the contact between these two meshes. I tried it with TYPE7 and TYPE11 as well. I got the same result. Which type should i use and how to properly define them? There is also a gap between meshes and the two pionts(the top point of the rectangle has another displacement as the bottom point of the circle with IMP DISP ). How is that possible? Why is there a gap between meshes? I defined shells with thickness 15. Thanks in advance!
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