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  1. An update on this one The simulation completes and I can use the .log file from the run directory in AcuFieldView What doesn't complete is just the VWT pdf report
  2. Recently had VWT Installed, V2017.2 (with AcuSolve2017.2.1) Trying to run a basic simulation but it always stops at 80% This occurs with transient and steady state simulations Running to hard drive directory with plenty of space Can anyone shed some light on this issue for me? My last iteration from vwtAnalysis.1.txt is as below: acuSolve: Time-Step= 100 ; timeInc= 1.000000e+009 ; time= 9.900000e+010 acuSolve: Flow stagger "flow": FORM-LHS acuSolve: pressure res ratio = 3.776539e-006 acuSolve: velocity res ratio = 9.769020e-006 acuSolve: CGP No iterations = 52 acuSolve: CGP 0/1/n norms = 5.449244e-007 5.217784e-007 5.448673e-009 acuSolve: GMRES No iterations = 134 (13.40) acuSolve: GMRES 0/1/n norms = 2.661285e-006 2.311796e-006 2.649179e-007 acuSolve: pressure sol ratio = 1.862342e-003 acuSolve: velocity sol ratio = 1.303241e-002 acuSolve: Turbulence stagger "turbulence": FORM-LHS acuSolve: eddy-visc. res ratio = 4.039828e-003 acuSolve: GMRES No iterations = 58 (1.45) acuSolve: GMRES 0/1/n norms = 1.433289e-009 8.188652e-010 1.417245e-011 acuSolve: eddy-visc. sol ratio = 9.441203e-003 acuSolve: CFL timeInc = 5.486291e-006 acuSolve: Step CPU/Elapse time = 5.829800e+001 1.460500e+001 Sec acuSolve: ----------------------- End Time Step ----------------------- acuSolve: Input CPU/Elapse time= 6.879000e+000 7.363000e+000 Sec acuSolve: Output CPU/Elapse time= 2.252780e+002 5.640200e+001 Sec acuSolve: Exchange CPU/Elapse time= 8.661000e+000 2.094000e+000 Sec acuSolve: Intf.search CPU/Elapse time= 0.000000e+000 0.000000e+000 Sec acuSolve: Flow stagger "flow": acuSolve: No of res/lhs formations = 100 100 acuSolve: Elem.Form CPU/Elapse time= 8.339310e+002 2.089570e+002 Sec acuSolve: Solution CPU/Elapse time= 3.475465e+003 8.702680e+002 Sec acuSolve: Turbulence stagger "turbulence": acuSolve: No of res/lhs formations = 100 100 acuSolve: Elem.Form CPU/Elapse time= 5.489090e+002 1.373800e+002 Sec acuSolve: Solution CPU/Elapse time= 3.695980e+002 9.252800e+001 Sec acuSolve: Total CPU/Elapse time = 5.654318e+003 1.421789e+003 Sec acuSolve: Total Memory Usage = 5.738906e+002 Mbytes acuRun: -*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*- acuRun: Mon May 7 12:09:41 2018
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