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  1. Thank you for you help before. I have the model now, and would like to output the deflection of the top of the headrest as a function of the time step. Do you know how to do this/ could you please point me in the right direction? Cheers Headrest_V6.fem Headrest_V6.h3d
  2. Do you mean I need to enter a thickness under the 'Properties' Section?
  3. Hi there, I am trying to run a simulation on the headrest below, however, I keep getting the error *** See next message about line 28461 from file: G:/Laura_406_Design/Headrest_V1.fem (this is continuation line 1 of PCOMP,1 bulk data) "+ 00.0 0.0 YES" *** ERROR # 1022 *** in the input data: Field 2 contains a value outside of allowable range. I have so far been unable to fix it, despite ensuring the PID is a real integer. Thank you in advance Laura
  4. To follow on from the question above, when Hyperview shows "composite failure" what is it actually depicting? Eg; I understand "composite failure index" means that if the number is greater than 1, the composite has failed. The image attached shows a scale on the left hand side. What does that scale show? Hope that makes sense Cheers
  5. Hi there, I'm creating a simple sandwich structure and am trying to view the composite failure and composite failure index, however, in HyperView it returns nothing. (but shows displacements and stresses and strains correctly). Attached is the fem file and the .out file. Any ideas on how to get this to work? Cheers SI.fem SI.hm SI.out
  6. LauraT


    Hi there, Was happily running simulations for a SZTOSH carbon optimization (had run many before and had completed happily) when I started getting this error; *** INTERNAL PROGRAMMING ERROR # 8008 *** CHECK detects overwriting of data block: setj. * DATAMANAGER ERROR in subroutine "datamx". Timeout ALARM Was wondering what it meant and how I can fix it ASAP Cheers
  7. Hi there, Yes, I have ensured that I am running the 'optimization' and NOT the 'analysis'. It runs through and says iteration 0 (As read in the .out file). However, it says job completed after the 0th iteration. Its like its only performing the analysis and not optimizing anything. The .out and .fem file are attached Chassis_OptiJ.out
  8. Hi there, I am up to the second phase of optimization for size to shape of a carbon fiber monocoque chassis. However when I run the file, it is only producing an analysis, and not running through any iterations. This makes me think that somewhere I've set it up wrong but I can't figure out where. I am quite pressed for time, so any help indicating where I've gone wrong would be greatly appreciated. Model and related files attached Cheers Laura Chassis_OptiF.fem Chassis_OptiF.out
  9. Hi there, I've run a simulation of the chassis of a car through Optistruct in Hyperview, and there were no errors and everything seemed to run well. However, upon loading into Hyperview, I am unable to view the contour plots for stress/strain/displacement and the four subcases. I am expecting to get a model like Image 1, however am getting image 2. It is as if there are no loads applied to the chassis. If anyone is able to view the model (file attached) and perhaps indicate where I am going wrong it would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Chassis_scaled_newI.hm
  10. Hi there, I am trying to run a simulation to produce an analysis on the chassis of a car (stress, strain, disp etc). I have tried to make the model as accurate as possible by applying all relevant loads. However, when I run Optistruct it says the following; *** WARNING # 5628 The compliance is negative or large 6.83807e+015. The rotational displacement has large magnitude, 5.82769e+009 degrees (larger than 180). The rotational degree of freedom may not be constrained properly in the model. subcase id = 4 grid id = 187 component = 4 *** WARNING # 312 In static load case 4 the compliance is negative or large 6.83807e+015. Optimization/buckling analysis cannot be performed. due to possible rigid body mode. I believe this is due to the model being under-constrained? (Please correct me if I'm wrong), however, I'm not sure where I can reduce the DOF without overly constraining the model. The model is attached. Any help is greatly appreciated, Cheers, Laura Chassis_scaled_newH.hm
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