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  1. Hi agaon, I have a question, I have done both RBE definition with the dirrerent forces, but on the same dependent node, When i just xwant to use the X load for exemple, are the independent nodes for Z load inactive?
  2. Hi, I have different load cases applied at the same location, my problem is that i have to put different independent nodes from a same dependent note, 1 Case for a Z load 1 Case for a Y load 1 case for a X load Foe each case, the load will be applied on the same dependent node, but due to geometrie, the independent nodes will be different, i try to duplicate the node, but i can choose the node to take and apply the 2nd or 3rd load cases.
  3. I ll try this method, I ll report back the result Thanks a lot.
  4. Hi, sorry for the delay, I was working on other things. The ruled mesh works on "rectangle" surfaces thank you, but my concern is about the upper part of my part. However, i also find an alternative using fixed point, when i have put my nodes as i want, i create fixed points (geom/create/fixed point), i select the surface then the nodes. When the fixed point are created, the i create a 2D automech and it works. Concerning the upper of my part, when i use rules mesh, i have a meshing as follow (with a bad Quality index): See here after the meshing needed in order to study correctly the deformation ans constraints in this area Then, my concern will also be in how to create a medmesh thickness on this part, wich is evolutive as per sketch hereafter I was thinking about put the same thickness as a rectangle with average thickness. Then for my study, i ll have to remove material on upper side only (to simulate damage removal by blending in this area), and then check if the part support the ultimate loads, i was thinking about putting an ofset on the midsurface and then change the thickness with the needed value, or i do not know if it is possible to use 'morph handle", but it will be for later, i am not a this stage at all. Thanks for your support.
  5. Sorry, i put them in PN G, Thank you for the remark
  6. Hi, Thanls for your answer, for my second mesh (usind 2D automesh), thickness assignment has been performed thanks My concern is that when i try to perform mesh (selectionning nodes created), it do not work, For a ruled mesh (i select the node in corner for 1st line then 2nd line the length , like if i want to perform a swquare), it says "one or more nodes appear in both input list, which hones i have to select? And For Spline, it do not follow the nodes when it mesh. I think, i do not choose the right nodes Thanks again for your answer. Pour meshage regle ruled.pdf splice node.pdf
  7. Hi, I am a beginner pon hypermesh and i have a question, how can i mesh using nodes i have already place? I send a picture for a better understanding. Then i do not remember how can i put thicknesses on midsurface? THanks you in advance 2018-05-13_13-08-01.pdf
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