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  1. Also the model checker shows no errors or warnings.
  2. I´m not sure about my contacts. If two parts are not directly connected, but one part is transferring the displacement to another, they need to be connected. Is there the connection "slide" right? And if thwo parts are connected adhesive can I use "Stick" as connector?
  3. Hello, how can I check it? While running the analysis there are no errors shown and the analysis begin to run before it ends aborted.
  4. Hello, I have a large displacement analysis in optistruct. I cannot find the reason why the analysis is aborted. The out-file is shown below. Thanks in advance. V1.out
  5. Thanks. I have changed these values. But the analysis is still not running. Also I have deleted the unrealized welds. But its still not working.
  6. It is a quasi static analysis and the velocity is very low with 10 mm/min. I thought this should work.
  7. Hi, my analysis ends abnormal. How can I fix this error? Thanks in advance.
  8. Hello, I want to run a quasi static implicit analysis with radioss in Hypercrash. I have seen that I need to define implicit options. In my control card window I am not able to find IMPL/PRINT/NONL, IMPL/SOLVER, IMPL/DT/STOP, IMPL/DTINI or IMPL/DT. I have attached a screenshot of my control card window. Has anybody an idea how to run an implicit analysis in Hypercrash? Thanks in advanced.
  9. Thanks a lot!! This helped. The Part card image was not assigned to all components.
  10. Yes, I wanted to creat symmetric conditions. I have tried to do it like in the Altair Hypercrash Tutorial RD-T:3060 Three Point Bending. Now, I have defined surfaces and groups of nodes for master and slave. Master and slave are shown in red and blue, like it should be, but I have still the same error message like before.
  11. Hello, I work with hypercrash and every time I get Error 19: Lagrangian surface is empty. As interface Type I choose Multi Usage (Type 7). I already have defined master and slave parts. I have enclosed a picture of the error message. Thanks a lot!
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