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  1. Hi, i tried to do a single self_contact for each component of the front of vehicle. But at 15ms it started to give me "rupture of shell element" and at the end of the simulation it deleted all element of the model.. here the out file of the last analisys scooter.out
  2. Hi, i've the same error. here the model file. thanks!
  3. Hi, thanks for your answer. I try to use that options but it doesn't run. I try type 20 interface and it seems that it works. But now there's another problem because the % error jump from 0.2 to 99 after 43000 cycle and it stop.. in the .out file i see this warning after 43000 cycle : "*WARNING MINIMUM TIME STEP 0.9583E-09 IN INTERFACE 3" repeated many times
  4. Hi, we try to model an old scooter crash but we have some problem with the interface. For modelling the selfcontact interface of the front part we use interface type 7 (gapmin=0,9; fric=0,2; inacti=1). We added in the master all the component and the same for the slave. We try to run 50ms of analisys but at 23ms we have this error "time step less or equal dtmin for solid element" after a lot of message "rupture of sell element" and "delete of shell element" and the analisys stop. we set eng_dt with dtmin=2e-7 and tscale=0,9. we think the problem was in interface but we can find it. thanks
  5. Hi! Radioss give me that error, can someone tell me what does it mean? there’s a solution? The analysis doesn’t start.. thanks
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