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  1. I apologize for the confusion. What I meant is the Post processing mobile station option under the computation menu
  2. I need an explanation on what the Postprocessing Mobile Station option under the Computation tab does. Thanks
  3. Is it possible to create specific mobile stations with specific parameters and specify a location for said station?
  4. I'm looking for a way or workaround to be able to do this using ProMan as this is what I have been using so far. Thank you for the suggestion. I will look into into if there is no way to do it in ProMan
  5. Under the project parameters, on the Air Interfaces tab, there is a mobile station/subscriber station settings option. I would like to know how to implement this in my simulations as i can't seem to see an option to add mobile stations into my simulation
  6. Using Proman I want to create a site with an antenna that is connected to the network as in a default site/antenna. Then, a second antenna/site must be created but this site does not get the data to transmit from the network but instead, it must have a wireless backhaul connection to the first antenna created. How could I go about doing this in Proman if it is possible?
  7. I am simulating a scenario using winprop, specifically proman. The scenario involved two antennas and i want to define users and determine to which of the two antennas each user is connected. is this possible with proman or any other winprop program? If it is I would appreciate a detailed or as detailed as possible explanation or link. If it is not possible, please help me by providing an alternative.
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